This year, the William Raveis Charitable Fund, Inc. has pledged a groundbreaking $750,000 to the University of Connecticut Health Center, establishing the WILLIAM RAVEIS ACS NAVIGATOR CARE PROGRAM. With the assistance of trained volunteers/survivors, this innovative program helps newly diagnosed breast cancer patients navigate through diagnosis and treatment. Plans for the near future will include patients with other types of cancer as well.

“Raveis’s support is so important because it allows us to expand the scope of our program and help more of our patients,” says Carolyn D. Runowicz, M.D., past president of the American Cancer Society and director of the cancer center at UConn. “We’ve seen how useful it has been for patients with breast cancer and recognize the need to provide this service for all of our patients. This program is a real resource for our patients and helps to empower them to become more active partners in their treatment and recovery.”

“We’ve always supported research and education, but this is something that is helping people right here and now,” adds William Raveis, chairman and CEO. “The big picture is vital, but so is making sure that we assist individual patients and their families through our philanthropy. The collective dedication of our sales associates, employees, vendors and clients has been nothing short of outstanding as we witness such positive outcomes to our fundraising efforts. Knowing this is only the beginning, we’re excited to see where the William Raveis Navigator Program will go in the years to come as it continues to expand and grow.”

Nancy Baccaro, A.P.R.N., coordinates the program and says the service can make all the difference for patients at any stage of their journey through diagnosis, treatment and care.

“When patients enter the health care system with a complicated condition like cancer, it’s overwhelming. But through the Navigator program, we have an opportunity to decrease that anxiety, guide and direct a patient, and, most importantly, give the patient knowledge,” Baccaro says. “With knowledge comes power and control, in a situation where patients often feel powerless. The Navigator acts as an adjunct to the professional provider and serves as the eyes and the ears of the patient throughout the process.”

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime. The William Raveis Charitable Fund, Inc. and the William Raveis Breast Cancer Research Fund has raised One Million Dollars over the course of four years in support of those diagnosed with breast cancer and in search of a cure.

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