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William Raveis Real Estate, Mortgage & Insurance Wins #1 Place to Work

Bill Raveis, Chairman and CEO of William Raveis Real Estate, Mortgage & Insurance, LLC, recently announced the firm received the “#1 Place to Work” award by the Boston Business Journal.  This accolade accompanies other awards given to the company by the Commercial Record, and Banker & Tradesman for “Best Real Estate Company” in the state of CT and “The Best Residential Real Estate Company” in the state of MA.   Mr. Raveis stated, “We are privileged to have such dedicated management, staff and sales associates that produce a positive work environment and value the family company culture.”

The events leading to this unexpected honor included making a first cut of 440 companies amidst thousands that completed an employee satisfaction survey.  The second round selection was even tougher, with only 60 companies qualifying…William Raveis made the cut.  “We felt thankful to be in the top 60, considering the number of participants in the survey and being amongst 5,000 or so real estate companies in the state of Massachusetts,” said Mr. Raveis.  Continue reading

Another Incentive for Homebuyers

Ryan Raveis talks about another financial incentive for homebuyers-historically low interest rates and their impact on home affordability…


June 23, 2010

Real Estate Theatrics

Although I am admittedly not a very artsy person, I used to get a thrill as a young one before annual school plays.  Everything from auditions to the anticipation before opening night seemed to evoke my (limited) creative sensibilities.  But I was particularly fascinated by one aspect of theater production-setting the stage.  The set is a sacred part of any live theater show.  If the director correctly arranges all the props and the ambience is appropriate, this can add to the emotion of a particular scene and better help the viewer understand what he or she is seeing.

Real estate and theater share this essential concept of setting the stage in order to sell the buyer and theater-goer, respectively. Continue reading

June 14, 2010

Tech-Savvy & Under 29: The Next Wave of Home Buyers

This is the last in a series of 3 installments on generational home-buying preferences.  Author, John Tarducci, discusses baby boomer, generation X and generation Y purchasing trends.  Below is his piece on generation Y, the wave of the future in real estate trends.

When it comes to generational demographic shifts, the nation’s 75 million baby boomers have dominated the media spotlight for years. Baby boomers, move over, here come the Gen Y consumers. They’re young (ages 12 to 29), more than 80 million strong and they represent the next big wave of home buyers in America.

As a group, members of the Gen Y generation (born 1979 through 1996) embrace communications, media and digital technologies like email, texting and instant messaging – they’re the most connected generation in our history, and they give new meaning to the term “multi-tasker.”  Their hobbies probably include social networking on Facebook or other social media outlets, they have a strong environmental consciousness and they place a high priority on work/life balance.

Many within the Gen Y group may be renting now, but they’ll be buying homes increasingly this year; a much larger buying wave will begin in 2012, according to a 2008 report by the Urban Land Institute.  The #1 Gen Y choice of metro area? New York City.

Here are some interesting insights into Gen Y home buyer preferences and priorities. Continue reading

June 3, 2010