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Women Home-Buyers: A Buying Force to Be Reckoned With

Today, women play an increasingly greater role in the new home-buying decision process, research confirms.

The woman’s role in influencing the home purchase, and the kind of home that’s chosen, is shaping new home construction trends in a variety of ways.

Here are a few examples of “women-centric” home design:

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Moving? How Do You Pick the Right New School for Your Kids?

When you have a family, there is much to consider when you are moving out of your home.  Deciding the best place to live and proximity to work are two biggies.  However, perhaps even more important is keeping your children happy.  No better way to do this than picking the right-no, the best-school for them.  Now where do you go to get this kind of information?

There is much to consider in selecting a new school for your children.  Test scores and school rankings are not the only important factors that come into play.  You should answer such questions as, what activities spark my kids’ interest?  Does the school have an arts program?  Does it have a strong sports program?

In addition, you should become a bit of a statistician when comparing schools.  A great source for comparative data is The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education in the US. Continue reading

August 20, 2010

Raveis Agent Advice: How a Buyer Evaluates Your Home

William Raveis agent, Patty McCarthy, gives some great advice for sellers in this or any kind of market.  Buyers look at four main factors when deciding on a home to purchase.  Take a look…


August 16, 2010

Insurance Corner: Claims Due to Natural Disasters

Recent wind and rain storms have left many individuals puzzled over their homeowners coverage.

“If a tree on my property falls over due to windstorm and damages my neighbor’s deck, does my policy cover the damage my tree did to their home?” This is the most common question we get at William Raveis Insurance.  While it is nice to be neighborly and want to take on the expense of damage your tree did, it is actually the neighbor’s homeowners policy that will pay for their loss and removal of the tree from their premises. You are not responsible (liable) for the removal of the part that fell on and damaged their property and your insurance carrier will not pay their damages. If the tree is live this is considered an “act of God” for insurance purposes.

Most homeowners assume that their insurance policies will cover trees that are felled by windstorm…and this is true.  However, what most are unaware of is that there is a limitation under your home policy per tree and per loss.  The limit under most home policies is $500 per tree with a total of $1000 for tree removal per loss. While there is no limit for the damage the trees do to your home, as a homeowner you should be aware …and plan ahead.  If you have purchased a property with trees surrounding the house, be sure to cut back any branches that overhang the roof, gutters or infringe on power lines. Continue reading

August 13, 2010

Luxury Outdoor Living Spaces


When searching for that perfect luxury home, keep in mind that you shouldn’t have to wait for a vacation to really kick back and enjoy time with your family and friends. You have to find the home that will allow you to feel like you are on vacation every day.  Luxury homes should be enjoyable for everyday living as well as entertaining.  They should include both family gathering spots as well as plenty of private cozy nooks for everyone and anyone.  This applies within the home, but also using the outdoors as an extension of the home with outdoor living/entertaining areas.  In the luxury market, these outdoor spaces can be just as captivating as inside living areas.

Luxury outdoor living areas generally focus around a sparkling in-ground pool.  The pools vary in size and shape, but they add so much to the outdoor space.  They are usually surrounded by beautiful patio tables, comfortable lounge chairs and plenty of umbrellas to provide shade from the sun.  This is also a place for a spa and perhaps a waterfall, spectacular lighting, and plenty of vibrant, grand landscaping.  Also common around the pool area are other necessities for entertaining…  outdoor kitchens, (for a great piece on the latest trends in outdoor kitchens, check out this article by Rismedia) built-in grills, fireplaces, bars, and surround sound music systems.

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August 6, 2010