Social Juice: Week 5

The week has come to an end…but today’s Social Juice is just beginning!  Read below to see the importance of optimizing your site for viewing in various browsers, how to stop losing business cards by storing them digitally with a cool app called Cardmunch and a twitter tidbit…

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Once you’ve created your real estate site and populated it with great content, you must make sure that it has multi-browser symmetry.  Meaning, make sure everyone else is seeing what you’re seeing!  Just because you are viewing your site as you intended it, does not mean your potential lead in South Bend, Indiana is having the same experience.  Viewers may not be able to scroll across the screen, or a full frame may not show up on their page views or images may not load accurately.  In addition, some sites may not be easily viewable on older browser versions.  Remember this-websites look different in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc.

And Google comes to the rescue again.  It offers a great tool providing insight into this pesky problem-it’s called Google Browser Size.  This tool will allow you to enter any url and then get statistics on what percentage of people are seeing your site accurately.  Below are some sample images from the tool showing how to interpret its information:

Google Browser Size 1

GoogleBrowser Size 2

The shaded percentage areas indicate how many people can see the site up to and including that area.  So, for example, 90% of those viewing the site pictured above can see everything down to and including the ‘Donate Now’ tab.  And in the second image, 70% of people can see the ‘Donate Now’ tab, but 30% can’t.  That’s a huge number!  This data can be very revealing as to why your website is or is not functioning as you’d like.  Based on what you see, you can make changes to push more leads and conversions.  I encourage you to take a few minutes to check out Google Browser Size.  Also, for a  great list of Google Tools specifically created for real estate (and discussed by Google) check out this page.

A Place Business Cards Can Call Home


The App world is truly a delightful bottomless pit.  I was informed of yet another cool IPhone app through one of my co-workers – it’s called CardMunch.  Perhaps many of you are in the same boat, but I think in the past few years alone I have collected more business cards than the total amount of friends I have on facebook (hint, it’s comfortably above the average of 130 friends).  Once you get a business card, Cardmuch uses the phone’s camera to take a picture of it and then stores it as a contact.  The card is then downloaded back to your phone as a digital image.  The app ensures the information saved to your phone is completely accurate so you don’t have to go back and fix mistaken entries.

And here’s another convenient feature…you can immediately import the contact to your email by exporting your list of Cardmunch contacts.  Finally, the App allows you to send an instant LinkedIn request and follow up email after the initial contact.  Niiiice.

Twitter Turns 5


This week, Twitter enjoyed its 5th birthday.  The social giant (has 180 million users and growing) has become an addiction for its users.  And for good reason.  Twitter is a valuable source of information and up-to-date data on thousands of topics.  It has also become a primary business tool.  Users are able to forge powerful relationships by typing 140 characters, or less.  Real estate agents are realizing the value of this tool to increase their virtual SOI, thereby increasing leads.  However, it is still getting misused in the industry (as well as other industries).  Perhaps the biggest takeaway from twitter from the real estate perspective, is to follow people within your community.  This includes local newspapers, the owner of the boutique down the street or groups formed around certain causes.  This way, you are participating in conversation that impacts your community and you can become aware of when someone needs your services.  And, this is all free of charge.  One of the many great benefits of social media.

Happy Birthday, Twitter!  Looking forward to seeing your continued growth in real estate.

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  1. Judy Cicalese

    I enjoy your weekly Social Juice updates – thanks for passing along some great tips. Will be checking out cardmunch.


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