A Taste for Contemporary

You can’t go a day without reading about ‘new’ developments in real estate.  Whether it is ‘new’ technology, ‘new’ marketing, ‘new’ regulation that will impact realtors or homebuyers/sellers or ‘new’ data on the state of the market, real estate is constantly on the receiving end of ‘new’ news.  While all that is ‘new’ in real estate can be overwhelming, you can take comfort in the fact that there is an exception- and that is enjoying a ‘new’ or contemporary space.

Contemporary homes are becoming more mainstream and attractive to today’s homebuyers.  Often characterized by high ceilings, minimalistic detail and large, airy windows providing a portrait of the home grounds, contemporary housing departs from the traditional 2,200 brick colonial with white columns.  As consumer tastes evolve towards everything that is fresh and ‘new,’ contemporary homes seem to have made a place for themselves on homebuyers’ wish lists.

Raveis agent, Debbie Huscher talks about the beauty of a contemporary home in a piece she wrote below, first featured in the Killingworth-Durham-Middlefield Patch.  Take a look.

Sometimes, it seems as though there are as many different types of homes in the world as there are people. Choosing a home is a study in psychology to be sure.  It is interesting to watch a family prioritize their needs, either on paper or in their heads, and translate it to shopping for a house that defines their meaning of home.  When I was a child, I admired homes in various neighborhoods, always quick to weigh in with my opinion – yay or nay, or maybe, but with a little work.  I was decisive.  As I’ve matured and changed, I’ve found myself admiring houses that never drew my attention before.

And while we have a vision of ourselves living our lives in the perfect expanded cape with picket fence, or grand center hall Colonial with 3 car garage, I’m reminded that houses are like people.  We shouldn’t always judge a house by its picture, or exterior appearance alone.  Some houses surprise us. I always recommend, however, shopping with a short list of must-haves.  It’s not unreasonable to carve out a basic wish list including such personal must-haves as 3 bedrooms, full basement, garage, 2 baths, 2000+ square feet, more than half an acre, and a good school system.  After that, have an open mind.

Sometimes even I’m surprised at how much I like a home that didn’t wow me at first.  I often have a feeling once inside a home, or as I walk its property. The feeling is personal, and good or bad, it can be powerful.  I think that people shopping for a home should listen to these feelings and be open to them.  There are a number of distinctive homes among my current  inventory list a few of which are more contemporary than traditional, and every one of these gives me that powerful feeling I mentioned.  I feel a little lighter, and the space around me makes me feel calmer and more ordered.

Three Durham, CT homes with a contemporary feel include Evergreen, Haddam Quarter and Ernest.  When you see a contemporary home, remember that the design influence is coming from a thoughtful place.  For instance, enjoying contemporary spaces is often more about adopting an attitude than anything else.  They often have vaulted ceilings, built-in furniture, fireplaces, decks and patios.  Large and frequent windows are positioned to frame the outdoors from within, and marry the interior with its natural outdoor setting.  The organic style of a contemporary home is designed to be efficient and practical, making smart use of spaces and traffic flow.  They are often designed with large gathering spaces in the main living areas to keep family and friends together, with an emphasis on spaces rather than rooms.  Employing quality construction details and maximizing natural light are often characteristically contemporary.  Contemporary homes have much to draw you in, if you are willing.

For more information and to view additional photos of these homes, please visit my website debbiehuscher.com.

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