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Realtors Are Essential…Here's Why

When serious about buying or selling a home, it is in your best interest to seek out a real estate agent.  An agent will be familiar with such particulars as the neighborhood, the safety of the area and the quality of schools.  As members of the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), agents can access homes as soon as they’re on the market, saving you from endless hours of searching.  And, not to be forgotten, agents are well versed in the often tricky price negotiations process.

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Social Juice: Week 22

In this week’s Social Juice, read about Steve Jobs’ stepdown from CEO of Apple and check out some must-read email video marketing tips!  Read on for more!

Steve Jobs Steps Down

Steve Jobs, the man who has arguably had the greatest influence on the modern technology age, has stepped down as CEO of Apple.  Even if you didn’t grow up with Apple products in your home, Steve Jobs and his revolutionary ideas still influenced the way you thought about technology.  I read a fascinating PC Magazine article that talked about Apple’s early influence on other mainstream PCs and digital products in the mid 80s.  The author of the article, a passionate Atari fan, reflects on Apple’s significance in Atari Continue reading

August 26, 2011

Short Sales Can Be Tricky

William Raveis Sales Vice President, Patty McCarthy, talks about some of the difficulties short sales can present.  As she tells you, short sales aren’t for the faint of heart!  However, if you are patient, there could be a good deal out there waiting for you.  Check out Patty’s video for more.

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August 25, 2011

How To Get Your House Ready for its "15 Minutes of Fame"

Maybe you think the last place you should be spending money is on the house you hope to leave, as soon as you can find a buyer for it.  And you’re right—let the next owners have fun with big-ticket renovations that will enhance value, over the years they enjoy living in “your” house.  What you need to know, as you prepare for the first open house, is how to spend a little money wisely, to sell your house faster.   A house that sells in a shorter time, as we all know, is a house that sells for a higher price.

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August 23, 2011

What Does the State of the Stock Market Mean for Real Estate?

If you’ve been following the stock market or interest rates over the past two weeks, you may feel like you’ve been on a bungee cord.  There have been several economic reports, fears regarding the debt crisis in Europe, and continued debates around resolving the nation’s debt that have stirred investors’ emotions and created a lot of market volatility.  The net effect? The stock market is down but so are mortgage interest rates, making it a good time to buy or refinance.

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August 19, 2011

Real Estate Recovery and Mobile Apps

Some of the hottest news in real estate circles today (besides differing stories on ongoing recovery) are about technology- mobile technology, in particular.  Real estate industry gurus litter their blogs with “top 10 apps for realtors” or “the best apps for homebuyers” or mobile sites that provide a wealth of real estate data at the flick of a finger.  Let’s face it-the real estate industry is going mobile and you’ll likely be missing out on some great ways to access data when making homebuying or selling decisions if you don’t get on board.  David Popoff, a Raveis agent in Darien, CT, talks about the power of mobile data, as offered on’s mobile site, as well as apps to help you make smart buying and selling decisions.  To read more of his insight on real estate, check out his blog on activerain.

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August 16, 2011

Social Juice: Week 21

In this week’s Social Juice, learn about an awesome app to assist with your home remodeling, called Houzz and read about how to get more traffic to your blog-the eternal question!

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August 12, 2011

Doing the Numbers

Take a look at our monthly charts below to find out how the northeast fared in July 2011 vs. July 2010 according to major market indicators.  Click on each to get a larger view.  And yes, you can get more specific and see how your city or town is doing!  Visit local housing data and get the scoop.

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August 11, 2011

The Shift in the Real Estate Industry

We have been raised to believe that change is, more often than not, a good thing.  Changing a menu order at your favorite restaurant, changing solutions to solve a problem at work, changing politicians, changing employees or even changing hair color are decisions people make frequently to move forward in life.

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August 9, 2011

August 5, 2011