Our Director of E-Commerce Talks About the Spring Market

So here it is mid-March and the real estate industry is supposed to be “starting” its Spring market.  Well I think the spring market started on January 1!  For those of you who are reading this and don’t know me or what my position is at William Raveis, I am in charge of running the call center.  I can tell you that our call center has been extremely busy helping customers with barely time to breath!  We have seen email and phone call inquiries into the call center increase 63%!  And customers wanting to work with our agents to buy,  sell or rent has increased 51%.  I certainly don’t need all of those so called “economic indicators” to tell me that things are looking up.  All I have to do is sit at my desk and talk to the hundreds of customers daily that need help.

All of these customers need assistance and we are very happy to help them get to where they need to be.  Our call center representatives’ role is to act as a trusted advisor to all of those customers.  We answer any questions they have and partner those customers with one of our agents who can best match their needs.  The agents we work with in our call center have been trained to work with the online consumer and the important need for quick response time and clear concise communication.  And with the increased use of mobile applications for real estate, the need for immediate response is even more important.

I am cautiously optimistic about what 2012 holds.  We have seen a large increase in people trying to find out if they can qualify for a mortgage before they even start to look for a home  and get their hopes up after all the turmoil the mortgage industry has seen in the past few years.   And with the addition of an executive mortgage banker sitting right in our call center to qualify these people, the level of service we can offer our Internet customers has just gotten even better.  Our goal is to help the customer right from the initial stages up until the time they close and beyond.

That being said, we at the call center have a very rewarding position with William Raveis and we love the opportunity to talk, email and instant chat with any and all visitors to Raveis.com.  Happy Spring house hunting!

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