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What's Changed in the Employee-Sponsored Relocation Industry?

It used to be in the relocation world, when an employee was asked to move, most “relocation” packages were pretty cookie cutter based on if an employee was a new hire, renter or homeowner.  If you were a homeowner chances were you would receive a guaranteed buyout(GBO) offer of your current home from your employer to get you moved to the new location.  Well, times have changed based on economic and housing market conditions.  But, what hasn’t changed is the need for employee mobility.  I recently read an article Continue reading

Most Popular Homes of the Week: Tuesday Edition

Most Popular Homes took a brief hiatus over the long weekend to honor war veterans and enjoy some good ‘ol bbq.  But-it’s back!  Today’s special Tuesday edition will take a look at’s most viewed homes for the past 10 days.  Be prepared to be wowed…

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May 30, 2012

Lavish Extras, Including Party Barns, Help Bring Family & Friends Closer Together

What is lavish luxury living to you? One size definitely does not fit all here, but the answer can sometimes be more practical than you think. When money is not a roadblock, finding time to enjoy family and friends may still be a challenge. The easy solution seems to be to make any time together truly quality time!  In regards to luxury real estate, that includes creating a lavish indoor/outdoor playground to match the personalities and passions of family members. No matter what the ages of the family members or grandchildren, it is keeping everyone together to entertain and enjoy being together – right at home!

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May 25, 2012

Home Design, on a Budget

Designing or re-designing a home is often regarded as the most fun, yet frustrating part of homeownership.  The particulars often come down to what color works with what room, what accent pieces work best with a certain type of carpeting and, of course, the awful C word- “Cost.”  Cost is most often happy to ruin the party. However, there are corners you can cut to get the look you want, at a price that is also palatable.  Phyllis Lerner, an associate in our Sleepy Hollow, New York office, provides some wonderful guidance on designing a home to achieve maximum impact, without maximum cost.  Take a look at her tips below.  For more on New York/Westchester County real estate, check out her blog.

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May 23, 2012

Most Popular Homes of the Week

You’ve watched.  You’ve waited.  You’ve wondered.  Well, Friday is here, and all your woes can officially come to an end…it is time to count down this week’s most popular homes!  Take a look at the number one stunners below:

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May 18, 2012

Selling Your Home? Outside Investments Produce Curb Appeal and Strengthen That Important First Impression

This post from Pat Neville, an agent in our Katonah, New York office, originally appeared on her blog.  Pat talks about the importance of curb appeal.  Sure, you think you’re an expert because you’ve watched all of HGTV’s ‘Curb Appeal’ episodes.  Well, as my mother always tells me, ‘you can’t learn life’s most important lessons from television.’  There are some key curb appeal strategies you should learn from a licensed realtor.  Pat gives you a pretty thorough rundown below:

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May 17, 2012

Doing The Numbers

The real estate market is really heating up this spring.  Units are flying off the shelves and prices are steadily increasing, as well.  There are, of course, the naysayers out there who still believe we have not seen the bottom of the market.  However, more and more news pieces are examining raw numbers, which you’ll see below in a moment, that indicate the market is picking up steam.  Below, we’ve broken down the major housing indices across the northeast for the month of April using our very own local housing data.  In most areas, you’ll see upticks in such variables as unit sales and average sales prices:

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May 15, 2012

Most Popular Homes of the Week

There are some major rumblings in the housing market right now.  Prices are up in half of the markets around the country, consumer confidence is way up, and spring market is in full bloom!  There really is no better time to be a homebuyer.  And speaking of homebuying,  we have a list of some stunning eligible properties this week that have made the most popular homes list.  Check them out below:

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May 11, 2012

Short Sales Don't Have to Be Scary

This post from William Tierney, an agent in our Scituate, Massachusetts office, discusses 5 major items buyers need to be aware of before purchasing a short sale.  With these tips in mind, the short sale process can be alot less scary.  While short sales can be attractive for a variety of reasons, price, being one of them, there are a few hurdles to overcome along the way.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go forward with your purchase, however!  Just make sure you are thoroughly informed prior to going ahead in the process.  Will’s tips below will be a huge step in that direction. For more buyer and seller tips, please check out Will’s blog.

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May 8, 2012

The Most Popular Homes of the Week

Friday has arrived!  And so has our weekly wrapup of this week’s most popular homes.  Our congratulations go out again to Raveis agents who have been doing such a spectacular job marketing their properties during this active spring market. So without further adieu, here are the homes: Continue reading

May 4, 2012