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Most Popular Homes of the Week

Take a break from the scorching heat and read our list of most popular homes for this week!  We’ve got everything from beach to country homes on this list-take a look below: Continue reading

Monitor Your Energy Consumption-On Facebook

Facebook recently launched a really cool app that lets you monitor your energy consumption in your home and compare it with your friends’ usage.  With the monstrous amount of Facebook apps available, we believe this is one that is more noteworthy and eco-friendly than others.  Wendy Martinenas, an associate in our Southport/Fairfield office, talks in more detail about the app below and provides a great resource article at the end.  Check out her blog for more information on keeping your home energy efficient during the summer months and year round. Continue reading

June 27, 2012

How Do You Create a Mobile Business?

The real estate business (and business as a whole) has changed- ALOT.  Looking specifically at real estate, one of the latest points of evolution is the increasing infiltration of mobile into a realtor’s daily routine.  From texting, to email, to social apps and calendars, a real estate agent can (dare I say it) almost safely pack his or her pc deep into a closet.  But, with the deluge of apps, social media and software updates an individual encounters everyday, it’s often tough to extract important information from all the noise.  Which begs the question, how does a realtor, or any kind of company focus on becoming a mobile business?  How can entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies alike, leverage mobile tools to gain the coveted title of “a successful mobile business?”  Well, here are some thoughts to get the ball rolling: Continue reading

June 21, 2012

Signs That Most Real Estate Markets Are Improving

There have been several stories published lately talking about the improving housing market across the country.  While these headlines are great, it sill bears to mind what factors are contributing to this improving market.  Phyllis Lerner, an associate at William Raveis Legends in Tarrytown, New York, presents some key indicators below.  Read more of her insights on her blog, right here.

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June 19, 2012

The Most Popular Homes of the Week

Housing sure is a hot topic these days.  Well, we love it!  Harvard released its much-anticipated annual survey of the housing market and had some very favorable things to say about its progress.  LA Times wrote a great piece about shrinking inventories and bidding wars creating fierce competition in the market.  And the real estate tech community is humming, with rave reviews and tweets about William Raveis Agent Dashboard, as well as rumblings about startups that are changing the way brokers communicate with clients.  For instance, check out Dashter.  Of course, you cannot end the week without the most important piece of news- what are the most desired, most clicked-on, most buy-while-you-can-worthy homes of the week?  Let’s start the countdown now.

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June 15, 2012

5 Questions You Must Ask a Buyer's Agent Before You Hire

Savvy buyers know they must hire a buyer’s agent to help them make the best decisions possible.  I am meeting more and more buyers who are demanding a buyer agency contract because they understand it is in their best interest.

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June 14, 2012

Doing the Numbers

The real estate market has been a hot topic of discussion this month.  However, as the cliche goes, ‘all real estate is local.’  No matter what you hear in the news, you must take a look at local trends in your area.  Well, that’s what we’re here for.  Using local housing data, we provide this snapshot for you every month.  Take a look below at how housing fared in May for your local town or city.

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June 12, 2012

The Most Popular Homes of the Week

Huge sigh.  Another week has come to an end. You’re probably eagerly anticipating the really hot weather to arrive so you can jump into your pool, or even really hunker down on finding and moving into the home of your dreams.  Well, we’re going to help you out. Below is our weekly guilty pleasure, the most viewed homes of the week from!  Take a look at these coveted properties:

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June 8, 2012

William Raveis Named the Best Place to Work in MA for 2012

Bill Raveis,  our Chairman and CEO, recently announced William Raveis has been chosen as the #1 company to work for in Massachusetts 2102 by the Boston Business Journal’s 2012 “Best Places to Work” survey.  This annual honor recognizes company achievements in creating a positive work environment that attracts and retains employees through a combination of employee satisfaction,

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June 7, 2012

Closing Soon? Here's Your Must-Read Move-In Checklist

Closing on a home is an exhilirating and exhausting experience.  You thought all the hard work was simply in picking a place to build your future?  Well, not really.  The closing is like crossing the last hurdle on the track before move-in day.  You have to make sure your financing is in order, appraisals and inspections are completed and all the i’s and t’s are dotted and crossed in the contract.  With all the steps you need to cover, it’s ok to feel overwhelmed.  However, at some point, you need to focus and make sure the most important purchase of your life is completed flawlessly.  Chris Sigg, an associate in our New Canaan office, put together the Ultimate Guide to Post Closing and Move-In-Day below.  Check it out and tap into his wealth of knowledge on his blog.

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June 6, 2012