Real Estate Lessons from Comic-Con

Every year, Comic-Con never fails to deliver surprises and excitement to hundreds of thousands of comic book, movie, television and novel lovers.  This year, Comic-Con boasted 125,000 eager spectators, meandering through displays of the latest and greatest in entertainment, technology and comic-style writing.   The event had crowds reeling with anticipation, showing previews of every major television show and movie, from a 2-minute spoiler of the upcoming season of Dexter, to a killer teaser of genius, Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained.  To add icing to an already spectacular cake, Robert Downey Jr., star of the upcoming Marvel classic, IronMan 3, made a guest appearance, to the delight of young and older fans alike.

While observing all the excitement on my iPhone from an office across the country, I began seeing some powerful lessons for the real estate industry.  Comic-Con, particularly this year, does a brilliant job of catering to human emotion through video.   The 2-4 minute previews of Dexter, True Blood and smash hit, Breaking Bad, were enough to create the kind of excitement and suspense that would make even Agatha Christie proud.

The real estate industry needs to realize the importance of human emotion for buyers and sellers.  Purchasing or selling a home is a life-changing decision.  People make families, keep precious memories and feel immeasurable comfort in their homes.  As realtors, it is our duty to make sure a homebuyer can achieve that same, or better level of ease at a new address.

I feel video plays a key role in helping people find their new home.  Agents do not need to create a start studded production to convey the comforts their listing offers.  However, adding a personal, emotional touch can go a long way.  Interview prior owners of homes.  Show how a family can connect and grow closer inside the home, rather than simply opting for a standard 2 minute “here’s the kitchen, here’s the master bath,” preview.

Creativity is one of the primary reasons Comic-Con is so successful.  The real estate industry-agents, brokers and thought leaders- could all do well by instilling a new level of creativity through video to really reach out to and impact buyers and sellers in powerful ways.

Video is an important part of our goal to stay connected and generate emotion amongst our customers.  Check out our YouTube channel to see examples of our work.

Are you using video to generate emotion?

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