Augusta National Golf Club Gives New Meaning to the William Raveis Annual Golf Tournament

The famous green jackets provided to Augusta National Golf Club members now have brand new shoulders to rest on- those of 2 prominent females.  That’s right.  I said females.  Augusta National Golf Club finally bid ironclad tradition adieu, welcoming its first women members-former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and South Caroline financier Darla Moore.  This momentous occasion comes after years of controversy around archaic Club membership rules.   It’s wonderful to see the Club embrace individual love for the support, no matter who it may be!

I found this story to be particularly interesting as we are preparing for our 4th annual golf tournament on September 13th to help support the fight against breast cancer.  On this special day, individuals throughout the northeast, male and female, join together on the golf course for some friendly competition for a serious cause.  We believe Augusta’s move brings even more meaning to the tournament this year.  The Club has recognized that love for golf is blind, just as are the debilitating effects of breast cancer William Raveis is helping fight against.

With our golf tournament as a huge contributor, we have raised over $1.6 million in funds for the American Cancer  Society Patient Navigator Program in just 6 years.  Help us raise the next $1.6 million by participating as a single player or foursome in our tournament, or making a donation to The William Raveis Charitable Fund.  Thank you for your support and to Augusta National Golf Club for making the William Raveis Tournament even more important this year!

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