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How Exactly Do You Run a 20,000+ Square Foot Home?

Many of the large luxury homes offer staffing quarters or perhaps an entire wing of the home dedicated for staff.  Have you ever wondered what type of staff is needed to run a 20,000+ square foot home and how much each of those employees cost?  Well that of course depends on the lifestyle of the homeowners – how large the family, how much they entertain and how much time they spend at the home.  There is an entire service industry dedicated to residential staffing.   Continue reading

The Benefits of Hiring a Buyer Agent

Hiring a buyer agent can make your home search process much easier and more efficient.  Listing agents have a legal responsibility towards their clients which means they place a specific client’s needs first.  However, you can enjoy this same sort of relationship with a buyer’s agent.  William Tierney, an associate in our Scituate, MA office, describes the importance of and services provided by a buyer’s agent.  Read more of his insight into the real estate market at his blog . Continue reading

October 24, 2012

The Art of The Pick: Plucking the Perfect Pumpkin From the Patch

It’s orange, it’s round(ish) and it’s full of seeds.  Its texture is mostly smooth, yet somewhat bumpy.  It may have its imperfections, but it conjures the idea of Halloween and is sure to brighten up any front steps at any home this fall season. It’s a pumpkin! Continue reading

October 22, 2012

Selling Your Home? How to Handle a Multiple Offer Situation

Hurray, multiple offers…. Not so fast!  Multiple offers are usually a good thing if you are a home seller, but knowing how to handle them is important.

Yes, two offers are better than one, three better than two, etc.  The sense of high demand for your home is great, and for the listing agent there is a satisfaction of a job well done. Continue reading

October 19, 2012

The Best Recipes For A Fall State Of Mind

Nothing says fall like breaking out the sweaters, grabbing a warm cup of hot chocolate and preparing those home-cooked meals and treats that make you feel all warm inside. Whether you’re in a new home or an old one, making the kitchen your oasis from the fall winds, rains and cold weather is a great way to feel at ease.

Check out these great fall recipes and make your house a home this season: Continue reading

October 15, 2012

Doing the Numbers: 3rd Quarter Market Update

The 3rd Quarter has come to a close with the end of the year fast approaching.  There’s also a lot happening in the housing market.  This quarter and year overall has been characterized by reasonable pickup in the housing marketing nationally and locally.  Case-Shiller indexes have been positive in 20 metro-areas for 3 consecutive months-the first such move since the summer of 2010.  Foreclosure inventory is dwindling in many parts of the nation.  Demand is increasing for single-family, new construction and foreclosures (many of which are being picked up by investors).  And, perhaps most significantly, Continue reading

October 11, 2012

All About Energy Efficient Mortgages

Below is a guest post from Patrick Merryman from Total Mortgage Blog on Energy Efficient Mortgages.  This post originally appeared on Wendy Brandt Martinenas’s blog, Snappy Green.  Wendy is an associate in our Fairfield/Southport office in Connecticut.

At this point in anyone’s life, the term “going green” has become a familiar phrase. If you are aware of the term, Continue reading

October 10, 2012

What Are Pre-paid Expenses And Escrows & What Do They Have to Do with Closings?

There are several intimidating definitions when it comes to real estate.  PMI, FHA, VA, closing costs and amortization are just a few of the acronyms and terms that create clouds of uncertainty for homebuyers and sellers.  However, as intimidating as these terms may seem, their explanations are relatively simple.  Most of the time, it just takes a quick call to your realtor to understand how these terms fit into the crazy labyrinth known as a real estate deal.  William Tierney, an agent in our Scituate, MA office, discusses a few important real estate terms-specifically, Pre-paid Expenses and Escrows and how they both fit into the closing process.  Read on…

Continue reading

October 2, 2012

William Raveis Kicks Off Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a Bang

William Raveis Real Estate is opening Breast Cancer Awareness month with a bang.  In addition to record fundraising at the company’s annual charity golf tournament last month, William Raveis offices will be holding nearly 100 fundraising events throughout the northeast in support of the American Cancer Society Patient Navigator Program, which helps support patients through the emotional, financial and physical stress of breast cancer.  To date, William Raveis has raised nearly $1.7 million in support of this important cause. Continue reading

October 1, 2012