The Benefits of Hiring a Buyer Agent

Hiring a buyer agent can make your home search process much easier and more efficient.  Listing agents have a legal responsibility towards their clients which means they place a specific client’s needs first.  However, you can enjoy this same sort of relationship with a buyer’s agent.  William Tierney, an associate in our Scituate, MA office, describes the importance of and services provided by a buyer’s agent.  Read more of his insight into the real estate market at his blog .

As a buyer looking at homes for sale, you have the benefit of buyer representation for your property purchase.  Listing agents have a legal responsibility to protect their seller client.  They will treat all non-clients fairly, but they must promote their best interests of their client above any others.  As a buyer, you may have equal service and protection from your agent.  Simply communicating with a real estate professional does not automatically create the relationship.  It is important that you officially enter into a buyer agency relationship.  Below are tips on Buyer Agent Services and the benefits of hiring a buyer agent.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Buyer Agent

The word agent means fiduciary. Buyer agents owe their clients fiduciary duties of confidentiality, care, obedience, accounting, disclosure of material facts, and diligence. They assist their clients through the process of buying a home and provide guidance and support every step. The home buying process can be confusing and emotional. Buyer agents use their experience to develop creative solutions to issues. They understand your interests and goals and translate them into effective communications with other people involved in the transaction. They are essential personal tour guides for what will be one of the most significant events in your life.

Buyer Agent Services

Agents perform many tasks throughout the home purchase process. In the initial stages, they help you consider options, and compare properties. Once you identify a home you would like to buy, they assist with preparing offers, analyzing inspection results, meeting important deadlines and navigating through the financing process. They can also direct you to other experts, such as inspectors, as needed.

Selecting Buyer Representatives

Consider your preferences. Do you like to search properties or have an agent filter through and select them for you? How tech savvy do you want your agent to be? Do you want one with specific specialties? Are you looking at a unique type of property that may warrant additional experience? Do you prefer specific types of personalities? Asking yourself these questions will help you better evaluate Buyer Agent Services available and choose an agent that best suits your needs.

Do you have a buyer’s agent?

20 thoughts on “The Benefits of Hiring a Buyer Agent

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  3. Jade Brunet

    I appreciate this article concerning the benefits of hiring a real estate agent. It is good to know that agents can perform many tasks and can help in every stage of selling a home. Something to consider would be to hire a local agent who is familiar with the area.

  4. Ridley Fitzgerald

    I can see why hiring a buyer agent can be helpful when looking for a home. I like how you mentioned that simply communicating with a real estate professional doesn’t make a relationship. It definitely makes more sense to actually enter into an agreement. I will make sure to do that, when my wife and I decide to buy a home.

  5. John

    It’s good to know a buyer agent can assist in all aspects of the home purchase process. The article states that once you find a home you are interested in buying, your agent will help navigate the entire process of negotiation, inspection, and meeting deadlines. That is something I could definitely benefit from since I have trouble meeting deadlines sometimes. It would be much nicer having an agent that could do it for me.

  6. Ridley Fitzgerald

    I would never buy a home without an agent on my side. It’s pretty amazing that they can help you through almost every step of the process. When we go to buy a home next year, I will make sure to hire a good agent.

  7. Kylie Dotts

    I like how you said that buying a home can be confusing and emotional. When spending as much money as you do when buying a home, ensuring that you are keeping a cool head and thinking about what you’re doing would be extremely important. A hasty move could lead to serious financial loss and being unsatisfied with the choice that you’ve made. Hiring a realtor would be a good way to keep yourself in check which could prevent you from making a decision that you might regret.

  8. Kyle Wayne

    I like that you mention how hiring a real estate agent is helpful because they understand our interests and goals and can put them into action. My brother is looking to get into real estate but doesn’t know how to express his interests and goals. I’ll be sure to talk to him about finding a professional to help him do that.

  9. Persephone de Vito

    It was really nice when you mentioned that a buyer’s agent fully understands the interests and goals of their clients and sees to it that they were communicated effectively with the people involved in the process. That’s probably the reason why my younger brother was so convinced that he needs a real estate agent to help him buy a new home. His old house has become the new home of termites and unfortunately, their number is beyond control. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be sure to let him know about this.

  10. Todd Stauffer

    I like how you said that a real estate service can help you consider options and then help you prepare offers. I am getting a job transfer in a few months so we need to buy a new home. Having some help figuring out what there is and how much we can afford would be really helpful. I’ll have to ask around and see if anyone has some good recommendations.

  11. Kairi Gainsborough

    I agree that buying a home can be a confusing and emotional time. I’ve seen how stress my family members have been when they went through the process. If a realtor can help sort through the options and make the buying experience something we can actually enjoy, then that I think it would be smart to hire one. My husband and I are still renting for now, but when we are ready to buy our first house, I will remember your advice.

  12. Emery Jean Chambers

    It was great to know that a real estate agent can help the person choose the best home by weighing the pros and cons of each option and comparing the properties. Considering that I do not know the first thing about choosing a home, I think I need help. If a realtor can help me in choosing the best one for me, then I will most definitely consider hiring one. Thanks!

  13. Khorae Olivier

    I really like what you said about evaluating what your preferences are when you are selecting an agent for you. My husband and I are considering hiring a buyer’s agent to help us choose a new home while we prepare our current house for selling. Thank you for the information about finding one who can help pre-select properties for us to look at and has the qualities we want in an agent.

  14. Rosie Beckett

    My husband and I are buying a home for the first time and we are thinking about hiring a real estate title company to help close the deal, so I am glad that I found this article. You make a great point that buyer agents help you by preparing offers and analyzing home inspection results. This will definitely save us time and give us peace of mind that we are getting the best offer and quality home possible.

  15. Mark Murphy

    I never would’ve thought about how a real estate agent would be able to effectively communicate your wants to other people in the market. My wife and I are thinking of getting a real estate agent to help us get a bigger house, and neither of us is very good with our words. I will be sure to look for a realtor who is good with communication.

  16. Emma Hartson

    I appreciate it when you said that hiring a buyer’s agent is important simply because they do a lot in the home buying process, like analyzing inspection results, negotiation, and a lot more. It means I cannot survive the home buying project without the help of a professional. Especially since I am not used to buying a house as it is my first time. I will be sure to look for a realtor first and foremost.

  17. Sherry Gajos

    I really liked what you said about how agents perform many tasks throughout the home purchase process. My husband and I need to move to a new state, so I’m looking for a real estate broker or buyer agent for the situation, someone who knows the area. Thank you for the information about how they can help consider options and compare properties.

  18. Duncan Lance

    Not many people consider hiring an agent that has specific experience with buying homes, but it can help. As the article points out, they can help with several stages of the home buying process including choosing, comparing options, etc. They might even be able to work with your budget to make sure you’re picking the best house that suits your needs.

  19. Alysse Musgrave

    I welcome this article concerning the advantages of employing a land specialist. It regards realize that specialists can perform numerous assignments and can help in each phase of offering a home. An interesting point is procure a nearby operator who knows about the zone.


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