Top 10 Blog Posts from the Year That Was

The William Raveis Real Estate, Mortgage & Insurance blog boomed in 2012.  As we usher in ‘lucky’ 2013, a look back at the previous year shows readers flocking to posts about major national news and how to get houses sold in the current market.  Here is the top 10:

10. How To Competitively Price Your Home

From square footage to upgrades to comparable sales, this post breaks down the key factors taken into consideration when competitively pricing a home for sale. Phyllis Lerner of William Raveis Legends Realty posted this on September 26.

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9. Where to Go & What to Do in & Around New England

Offering some of the hotspots for newbies to sample in various areas throughout New England and New York, this menu has restaurants, shopping and music venues/nightlife. I posted it on September 17.

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8. What Are Pre-paid Expenses And Escrows & What Do They Have to Do with Closings?

Breaking down some of the basics, this piece offers layman’s terms for the real estate challenged. William Tierney, a sales associate in the Scituate, Mass., office, posted it on October 2.

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7. Selling Your Home? How to Handle a Multiple Offer Situation

Stressing grace under pressure and “finesse,” this piece, posted on October 19 by Ruth Lerner of the William Raveis Brookline office, gives tips for getting through a time of multiple offers.

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6. In Loving Memory: Sandy Hook Elementary Education Fund

In the wake of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., William Raveis started the Sandy Hook Elementary Education Fund.  The company is donating $10 from every real estate, mortgage and insurance transaction in 2013 to get things started.  This post, put together on December 17, gets in-depth about the endeavor.

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5. The Benefits of Hiring a Buyer Agent

Once again, William Tierney is laying it out there for those new to the real estate game. Posted on October 24, this piece discusses the buyer/buyer agent relationship and how entering into an agreement works in a buyer’s favor.

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4. Doing the Numbers: 3rd Quarter Market Update

Posted on October 11, this piece forecast clearing skies to a nation that’s seen its share of grey. Generally, at the end of the third quarter of 2012 foreclosure inventory was down and demand for single-families and new construction was up. With interest rates still near historic lows, the outlook for 2013 “looks to be quite a bit brighter everyday.”

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3. Reflecting on Sandy: How To Move Forward

Hurricane Sandy threw everyone – especially those in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut – for a loop when it hit in late October, causing mass destruction and devastation. This post from November 6 provides necessary resources for those affected and for those looking to help others.

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2. William Raveis Kicks Off Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a Bang

October marks National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. William Raveis Real Estate, Mortgage & Insurance annually raises thousands of dollars for its own charity, the William Raveis Breast Cancer Fund. Money raised helps cancer patients as they navigate through the treatment process. This piece, posted on October 1, served as a calendar of fund-raising events in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York.

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1. The Difference Between Appraisal And Assessment Values

Assessment and appraisal are two important terms in the home buying and selling game. While one deals with taxes, the other deals with a home’s estimated market value. Not to be mistaken for one another, this post from November 8 is a must read, and was the most liked of 2012.

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What were your top posts from the Raveis blog this year?

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