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At William Raveis Real Estate Mortgage and Insurance, we are a sales company that markets homes and provides all of the services involved with the real estate transaction.  Marketing a home needs an  aggressive campaign.

Twenty years ago, when companies had to rely on just print advertising, the goal was the same – to get out to the largest targeted demographic of potential purchasers.   Whether a one-time print ad was effective may be debatable, but we don’t have to worry about that any more.  To take advantage of all of today’s technology, a strong marketing company needs to use every resource including: print, web, networking, social media, blog, digital magazine, emails, mailers etc.

.   That will ensure reaching the potential buyers in their particular comfort zone – whether they prefer to read from actual print, or from an IPAD, or among friends in social media.   The nice thing is that many of the new advances are completely free and the benefits far outreach the time commitment.  At the very least, those posts on social media can help with search engine optimization.  We know that our website raveis.com is our best marketing tool, but all of the other tools support that effort, leading potential buyers/sellers exactly where we want them – to view more details on raveis.com.

This post will focus on one of my favorite forms of social media that has proved very helpful in marketing efforts and more, Pinterest.  Pinterest is an online pinboard to “organize and share the things you love”, according to their site.  It is a great place to find a quick recipe or find a fun activity for the kids.  People post the things they love or find interesting, whether that be jewelry/shopping finds, food, sports, cars, animals, gardening, interior decorating… absolutely anything someone has an interest in because you can pin from just about anywhere you can find on the web.  You can also repin what others have pinned if you have that same interest.  It is primarily for fun but in our real estate business, it can play a vital role.  Be sure to view the William Raveis Pinterest site: http://pinterest.com/williamraveis/.  You will find attractive boards pinning the best features of our current properties for sale.  We also have some other fun boards and informational boards.  However, click on a few of those and take a look at who is repining…  you will find some industry repins from other realtors and community sites, but you will also find random people posting to their own My Dream …. type of boards.  Their followers then have the ability to see that post and it goes viral in no time.

If you need one more reason to love the power of Pinterest, it is for its assistance in editorial coverage.  Editorial is wonderful bonus in a marketing campaign. Today there are more ways to tell a story, so there seem to be more editors looking for a story.  We get approached often for editorial content.  We love the opportunity and do our best to spoon-feed by offering photos and full details that they can quickly use however they need… print, web, social media, blog etc..  We now follow that up with a link to our Pinterest page where an editor can be inspired and look for a home that will fit into their next story.

If you haven’t started “pinning” yet, be sure to check out Pinterest and pin something you love! While you are there, be sure to “Follow” our page: http://pinterest.com/williamraveis/.

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