Better with Age

The atmosphere we might think of when we talk about wine cellars is underground, dark and damp. That’s because long ago the only way to keep wine cool enough was to store it underground away from heat or sunlight. Today wine storage has changed greatly.  Why spend money creating this beautiful space just to hide it in the basement.

Take “cellar” out of the equation and make this space more useful, perhaps next to your kitchen or entertainment room. Modern technology allows these storage rooms to be wherever you want them to be.

Anyone who is passionate about their collection will tell you that storage is important to preserve the integrity and quality taste of all wines. Light, heat, vibration, or changes to humidity and temperature are all factors that can spoil wine. When stored properly away from these hazards, the smell and taste of the wine will continue to improve.

Here are some key things to remember when preparing to build a wine storage room on the main level of your home:

  • always choose a windowless area
  • make sure the walls will be free of vibrations (away from stereo/surround sound systems, and appliances)
  • maintaining a room temperature between 55 and 58 degrees, and 60-80 percent humidity (homes average a temp of 70 degrees with a humidity level of 20-30, so the room will need its own temperature control system)
  • hardwood floors are preferred, but granite or porcelain tiles will work just fine
  • walls should have foam insulation, and the door should be weather-stripped
  • use dimmable, recessed lighting in the ceiling

When your room is completed, maintenance could not be easier.  As long as your temperature control system is working properly there is nothing you have to worry about but enjoying a nice glass of your favorite wine.

A personal favorite of mine is pictured below. Located in this Brookline Massachusetts Masterpiece is this cozy wine cellar with tasting area. MLS#71350456.

A wide variety of both underground and main level wine cellars can be found in our Exceptional Properties.  Please visit the “Better With Age” board on the William Raveis Pinterest Page and Re-Pin your favorites.

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