Rain Barrel Benefits & Options

Collecting rain water for your home use can reduce your water bill, help your plants be healthier and is a feel good ecofriendly thing to do.  Rain water is collected from your roof and stored in a container, commonly referred to as a rain barrel.  Installing a system is relatively inexpensive, requires only a few steps and can add a decorative element to the outside of your home.


  • Be Healthy: Rain water is better for your plants and lawns because it does not contain chlorine, calcium and additives found in tap water.
  • Save Money: According to the EPA, a rain barrel will save the average homeowner about 1,300 gallons of water during the peak summer months or 40% of the total household water use. Rain water is free.
  • Love Your Earth: Capturing rain water decreases storm water runoff which then reduces the amount of contaminants that are spread while easing demand on the public water supply.


Your rain barrel will be located near the down spout of your gutter. Once you know the placement, you can choose the type of basin you would like to purchase.  While a typical barrel hold between 30-50 gallons there are numerous options up to the HOG which holds 440 gallons for massive collection most suited for a business environment.   There are so many choices when it comes to rain barrels, some of which are downright stylish and pictured here.

A diverter kit is installed on the downspout to channel the rain water into your container.  The barrel should also have a tight cover for safety reasons, to prevent algae from growing and mosquitoes from entering and a filter to capture debris.

Wendy Martinenas has been a Fairfield County Realtor for the past ten years with a long list of satisfied clients. As an expert in green living in the home, she offers a value add to sellers, buyers & past clients, helping them to be healthy and save money.  Wendy can be reached at her real estate website and green living blog

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