Social Media Updates: May 2013

Social media is constantly changing. We know that it can be hard to keep up, so each month we’re going to provide you with a quick round-up of the latest news in the space. We stay on top of all the changes so you don’t have to.


  • More Informative Pins: Sometimes, you just want information. And on Pinterest, clicking through a pin to get to a website for that information is a hassle. What if you could instantly view product information, recipes and movie details all in a self-contained pin? That’s the idea behind Pinterest’s new brand partnerships (companies include eBay, Target, ModCloth, Sony and Netflix).


  • Refreshed LinkedIn Today: Are you using LinkedIn? If so, are you utilizing LinkedIn Today? If not you should start. Especially now. You now have the functionality to follow “channels” on LinkedIn Today specifically tailored to your professional, or personal, interests. These channels will aggregate stories that are being shared, giving you a quick and easy way to find articles on topics that interest you.


  • Updated Google Maps: Google Maps is a great resource for directions and, in recent years, has become a go-to for seeing a neighborhood around a particular location. Now, with updates to the operating systems, Google Maps will have more seamless zooming and enhanced details. Google also introduced Earth View, a new function that offers the ability to view 3-D renderings of cities and other areas.


  • Twitter Advertising: Up until recently, advertising on Twitter was limited to those companies and individuals who Twitter invited to participate. Now, Twitter has opened their self-serve advertising platform for all US users.
  • Tailored Twitter Trends: Twitter updated its app for iPhone and Android, adding the ability to view Trends from around the world or geotargeted to your specific location. Located in the Discover tab, the feature shows you what’s trending on Twitter as whole. You can also drill down to tailored trends within the app. They’re based on your location as well as who you follow on Twitter.


  • Instagram Tagged Photos: You can now pull up the profile of almost anyone on the service and browse photos he or she appears in. Only the person who publishes a photo to Instagram can tag people in it.

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