Video Made Easy—No More Excuses!

Video is quickly becoming a dominant part of the real estate business. Of your real estate business. Fancy cameras and video editing software can be overwhelming. Luckily, the smartphone revolution is revolutionizing video too—making it possible to produce great video in under a minute.


A few months back, we talked about a video service called Vine. An extension of Twitter, Vine allowed users to create GIF-style videos in just six seconds. It was a huge leap forward in mobile video, making it easy to quickly capture and share anything. If you’re just getting started, Vine is still a great option.

But, last week, a new mobile video service came on to the scene. Instagram. By this point, most people know Instagram for their artsy filters that immediately transform your fast-food dinner in to a gourmet meal.

The premise is still the same: click and hold to film, unhold and change the scene and then click and hold again. Easy as pie. But, it’s what’s different with Instagram’s platform that makes it so interesting.

  • Timing: With Instagram you get 15 seconds of video, as opposed to Vine’s six.
  • Filters: After filming, you can easy click through Instagram’s filter options to give your video a different look and feel.
  • Editing Options: Instagram automatically adds video stabilization, which will eliminate any “shaky cam” problems, and they also give you the option to choose the cover image for your video (which is a nice touch).

Get out there and make some videos! What do you think of Instagram’s new video option?

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