Spotlight on The Magyar Team

Charles Magyar co-founded the Magyar Team with his wife Rita and together they lead a group of eight buyer brokers. The Magyar Team was named to the 2013 REAL Trends Best Real Estate Agents in America, ranking 11th on the Teams by Volume list in Connecticut.


What do you think makes you one of the Best Real Estate Agents?

First of all Rita and I are partners, but we’re also happily married which eliminates the need to establish a formula to share the revenue earned.  When one of our clients needs help of any kind there is no hesitation on our part to immediately pitch in and satisfy the client’s requirement, solve the problem or answer the question without a second thought as to a fair allocation of work or remuneration on either partner’s behalf.

Secondly, we both share a similar passion for the real estate business.  Part of being a successful real estate broker is keeping current on available inventory and identifying the right fit for buyers and sellers.  The old adage of “two heads are better than one” is never truer than in the real estate business where both partners are keenly aware of the needs of the other partner’s client making suggestions and acting as a sounding board.

Finally, we have eight outstanding “Buyer Brokers” on our team.  Each broker is a successful agent in their own right. Myself and Rita, plus the eight individuals, are all committed to the success of the team.  There is a direct correlation between the financial success of the individual team member and Rita and I.  Consequently, whenever a teammate requires support, Rita and I are only too happy to cooperate and apply our 20+ years of experience to the opportunity at hand.

What made you get started in real estate?

Rita and I were married while attending the University of Bridgeport.  I was pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and Rita was studying to be a nurse.  Shortly before graduation, our first child was born interrupting Rita’s pursuit of a nursing career.  I was working for the University dormitory system and took this advantage to obtain a Masters Degree in Business Administration.  Rita was still interested in a career so she enrolled in the Principles and Practices of Real Estate course to obtain her real estate license.  I also added this course work to my curriculum and we both obtained our broker’s licenses in 1968.

Upon graduation I joined the corporate world and Rita launched her very successful real estate career.  I joined the Hilti Construction Fastener Corporation in Stamford where, as Vice President of New Products and Market Research, I oversaw the purchase and development of several new product lines and the opening of Hilti stores throughout the United States.  Then the US division of Hilti relocated to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Rita and I did not move with the company giving me the opportunity to apply my new commercial real estate skills in a number of different situations including real estate appraising, brokerage and residential development ultimately landing the position of President of the Connecticut division of Grubb and Ellis Real Estate in 1983. Rita joined the William Raveis Company in 1991 and convinced me to join her in 1993 to form The Magyar Team.

What is your business philosophy?

Place the client and the client’s best interests first and foremost in our day to day activity.  The Magyar Team takes on 100% of our friends and clients needs from condominiums sales under $250,000 to multimillion dollar estate sales.  Some of our most rewarding achievements began with a few thousand dollars per month rental or a first time home owner’s purchase and, in time, welcoming these same clients back to search for their dream home.

What is your favorite thing about working for William Raveis?

The people we work with and the managers and ownership that support us and provide the training to remain competitive in a very demanding industry.

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

To see into the future and give the proper guidance to each and every client and friend who depends on us for advice.

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