Staging Your Home for Successful Open Houses

If have listed your home for sale, chances are you are anxious to hold some open houses and fill each hour with prospective buyers. But, just getting people to your open house is only the first step. When a person walks into your home, you want them to feel welcome, feel like they have walked into their dream home and to like what they see enough to put an offer on it. How do you do that? The secret is in the staging.

When you show your home, staging is an important part of the process. In general, staging involves setting up your home to be warm and inviting and so that buyers can envision themselves living there. Here are some more specific ways you can do it.

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Make Rooms “Neutral”

The first thing you can do to stage your home is make some rooms neutral. For example, you could make it clear that an extra bedroom could also work as an office by setting up a desk and office chair in the room. Or, you could designate an area in your basement as an entertainment room, instead of just a storage area. Be careful as you do this not to make your home look too crowded or to diminish certain uses of the room. For example, as you show your home, you could tell buyers they are looking at an extra bedroom that could also be used as an office. That way, if they are looking for more bedroom space, they won’t overlook your home.

Do Not Leave Empty Rooms

It can be hard for a person to visualize themselves making an empty room their home. Even though you may have moved out already, or are in the process of packing, don’t leave any rooms empty. Instead, leave a few pieces of furniture to make the room feel homey. If you normally leave the room empty, borrow some furniture from another room to define the space and make it feel more livable.

Group Furniture Away from Walls

Many people have a tendency to put most of the furniture in a room up against the walls. They think this will make the room feel bigger and allow them to take advantage of the space. But, in fact, the opposite is true. By arranging furniture in groups and away from the walls, the room actually feels more spacious and usable. These furniture groupings can also help you define areas, like a breakfast nook in a kitchen or a dining area in a very large family room, for example.

Accent with Fresh Flowers and Trim the Lawn

When you are preparing for a showing, fill a vase with fresh flowers or greenery and use it to highlight and add to a room like a kitchen, dining room, office or living room. This little touch adds some class, makes the room feel luxurious and adds some fresh colors to the space. While you’re gathering plants from your garden, don’t forget to trim the grass and pull any stray weeds. The outside of your home is just as important as the inside when it comes to staging.

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