5 Things I Learned at the Social Media Strategies Summit

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of attending the Social Media Strategies Summit in Boston, Mass.—a conference filled with thought leaders and industry experts in social media. It was two days filled with great content and amazing insight in to the social media realm. So, what did I learn and (more importantly) how can you apply it to your business? Keep reading to find out.


  1. Define Your Core Values: Chris Penn, the vice president of marketing & technology for SHIFT Communications, explained the importance of having written, explicit core values. If you have them written down and easily referenceable, there will never be a questions about whether or not you should do or say something. If it’s at odds with your core values, you shouldn’t be doing it. Period.
  2. Don’t Neglect Your Cover Photos: This is true for every social network, by Daniel Maloney, CEO & co-founder of Tailwind, was talking specifically about Pinterest. When someone gets to your Pinterest profile, you have the engage them at first glance with your board covers. If they aren’t interested, they won’t follow you. So, take the time to pick specific images for your covers that your target audience will respond them.
  3. Maximize Your Facebook Ads: Matt Toomey, president of LocalGruv, stressed the importance of Facebook advertising, but more importantly of using the right tools to do it. Power Editor, a Facebook-supported Google Chrome plug-in lets you target your ads more effectively, specify exactly where your ads will be placed, bulk edit existing ads and create campaigns.
  4. Utilize Offline Relationships: Travis Wright, global social media awesomeizer for Ensighten, talked a lot about how to make your content play nicely with search and social media to create a BRO (business relationship optimization.) One of the most interesting, and frequently overlooked, points he made was how to get your content to trend. Frequently, when trying to promote a specific tweet, Travis will contact his contacts off-social media and ask them to retweet or share a specific tweet. Basically giving it a preliminary boost to help others find it.
  5. Capitalize on Hashtags: Searching on Instagram isn’t the easiest thing. Flip Croft Caderao, principal of the Infinate Agency, stressed the importance of using hashtags in your photo captions to help people find you. #ThrowbackThursday is a great example of a popular one, but don’t discount the power of creating your OWN hashtags and having your followers catch on.

Do you have any other big tips for using social media to its fullest extent?


One thought on “5 Things I Learned at the Social Media Strategies Summit

  1. Sandra Jones

    Five things but it seems I have learned so many things. Good job indeed! I know organizing digital media summits are really hectic unless your well-planned. Thank you for sharing your inputs.


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