5 Things You Can Do Now That Will Make Thanksgiving Less Stressful

Even though it’s a day supposedly centered around thanks, Thanksgiving turns in to a stressful event for many people. Fortunately, there are small steps you can take now that will help alleviate some of that pressure. Most of all, remember that Thanksgiving is about celebrating your friends and family, not about how moist your turkey is.

  1. Invite your guests. Planning a big meal is always easier when you know how many people you’ll be feeding. But don’t forget to account for some extra: Uncle Floyd will likely show up with an uninvited guest and Aunt Suz always tries to take home a double portion of leftovers.
  2. Plan the meal. Thanksgiving is a big to-do in many households and there are a lot of dishes to plan and coordinate. When thinking about your dishes, make sure you have the oven space (and serving space!) to accommodate them all.
  3. Ask for help! Thanksgiving is quickly becoming more and more of a joint endeavor. If you’re inviting a crowd, ask everyone to bring something. Doing that now will help alleviate the stress on you on the big day. Just make sure you know what everyone is planning so you don’t end up with two orders of stuffed mushrooms but no cheese and crackers.
  4. Decide on your bird. If you’re planning on serving a fresh turkey, you’ll want to call your local farm or supermarket soon to reserve one. They’ll typically hold it for you until the big day.
  5. Plan your serving strategy. You don’t want everyone to get situated at your table and realized the serving dish you intended for the turkey was used for appetizers. Instead, figure that out now. Put a sticky note on every serving dish indicating what it will be used for.

What are your tips and tricks hosting a wonderful Thanksgiving?

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