Test Your Knowledge of the Senior Real Estate Market

This is an ongoing series of posts on assisting seniors and their families during transition. Read Ann’s other posts here.

I recently had the opportunity to speak at the William Raveis Real Estate, Mortgage & Insurance 40th Anniversary Convention at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.  The topic was Real Estate and the Maturing Population: Seniors in Transition. At the end of the presentation, many agents had specific questions about certain clients and many just wanted to share their heartfelt experiences with others.


I have included some of the key issues that will help you assess your level of understanding of the Senior Real Estate market.

  1. Do you currently work with maturing populations in transition?
  2. Can you identify the major characteristics of Baby Boomers, GI Generation and the Silent Generation?
  3. What are the psychological and emotional factors influencing senior transitions.
  4. Identify at least three options for Senior Living.
  5. What is a reverse mortgage?
  6. What professionals may be involved in a senior move?
  7. How critical is family support in the transition?
  8. What is the average amount of time for the decision to make a move?
  9. Name the key personality traits of a REALTOR® working with senior populations?
  10. In future Senior Transition blogs, what topics would be of interest?

Please share your questions, comments and feedback with me.  Your response will help me to identify areas of concentration for future presentations and articles.

Dr. Ann Meyerson is an agent at William Raveis in Westport, Conn. and specializes in helping seniors and their families during real estate transitions. She has been featured as an industry expert on Channel 12 News and has hosted the Real Estate Forum on Channel 88. Ann shares her professional time between Connecticut and Florida where she is actively involved in Senior Transitions and is affiliated with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®. You can learn more from Dr. Ann Meyerson on FacebookTwitter,LinkedInYouTubeFourSquare and her blog.

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