What Type of Video will give you the Best Returns?

The National Association of REALTORS® and Google combined forces to uncover trends about how home buyers use digital media when conducting their home search. What they found can help determine what types of videos will give you the biggest return on your investment.



(Percentages refer to the percentage of home buyers who utilized that type of video in their home search.)

Community Videos (86%)

Without a doubt community videos garner the most views from potential homebuyers. Due to their popularity, taking the time to create videos about your local market area can be a huge plus for your online presence. Talk to local shop owners for a series on the local retail scene, discuss your favorite coffee shops, take a walk through a local park or show off your favorite delivery spots.

General Home Tours (70%)

Photo slideshows are great to give someone an initial impression of a home, but video goes a long way to actually showing the layout and flow of a home. This is an important thing for homebuyers to see, to give them a better sense of a home before they actually commit to seeing it in person.

Informational Videos (54%)

Buyers are also turning to video to get information on the entire home buying process. Talk about how buyers can get started working with you, steps they should take to prepare for buying a home, what to avoid before a closing and more.

Specific Features of a Home (38%)

For homes with interesting features like a dock, an outdoor pool, a wine cellar or a home gym, a quick video tour of the specific amenity can go a long way toward attracting potential buyers.

Customer Testimonials (30%)

When buyers first begin their home buying search, the process of deciding which company and which agents to work with can be a daunting process. Make that easier for potential customers by showing them how you’ve been able to help other people in their situation.

Have you had any success with using real estate videos?

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