5 Tips for Selling this Spring

The spring market is in full-swing, which means good things for buyers and sellers alike. But, if you’re planning to sell this season, there are some tips you can utilize to make the most of your home sale. Following a harsh winter, full of snow and a polar vortex, buyers are poised and ready to hit the market again.


1. Don’t Wait. According to Forbes, 60% of all homes in 2014 will be bought and sold from May to August. You ideally want your home on the market for as much of that season as possible, so if you haven’t already, contact your local William Raveis office take to one of our experienced agents today about listing your home. (Why yes, that was a shameless promotion.)

2. Price Your Home Appropriately. Over the past year we’ve definitely seen home prices in many markets start to rise—however, that doesn’t mean you should immediately jump in with a home priced over market. The best advice here is to listen to your real estate agent: they know your market, they know your home and they know buyers. It can be tempting to mark your home high and hope to meet in the middle with a buyer, but try to avoid that temptation.

3. Make Your Home Pop. With many buyers starting their search on computers and smartphones, it’s important to make sure there are great-looking photos of your home attached to your listing. While we loved all the snow-covered lawns that winter brought, it’s time to think more about your home’s curb appeal, both literally and virtually. Check out these past blog posts for tips:

4. Par Down Your Clutter: While spring cleaning may not immediately come to mind if you’re listing your home, it is an important aspect. By eliminating excess clutter, you can make your closets look bigger, your corners look brighter and generally make everything look and feel slightly newer.

5. Do Pre-Inspection Repairs: If you know that a home-inspector is going to find something wrong with your home, it might not be a bad idea to fix the problem first. It usually costs less to fix a problem before the inspection, and your prospective buyers will appreciate your attention to detail.

Are you listing your home this spring? What tips do you have to sell in this busy season?

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