Need to Know: May 2014

Social media is constantly changing. We know that it can be hard to keep up, so each month we’re going to provide you with a quick round-up of the latest news in the space. We stay on top of all the changes so you don’t have to.




Automatic Newsfeed Updates: If you’ve ever been shocked to find out that all your Facebook friends know what song you’re listening to on Spotify, good news. Facebook recently announced that they will begin limiting automatic updates from third-party applications.

Mobile Ad Network: Facebook unveiled its new mobile ad network during its F8 developers conference. The ad network, called the Audience Network, aims to make it easier for mobile developers to pick the appropriate ad formats that work for their app.


Mute Button: Twitter recently began testing on a new feature: a “mute” button. The feature would hopefully help to eliminate some of the extraneous noise on Twitter, giving users the option to continue following someone without having to read their every update. Muted users wouldn’t receive notification of being muted.


Smarter Search Tool: Pinterest is adding new search features to help users better navigate the 30 billion pins on the site. The company just announced Guided Search, a new product that lets users filter their search by adding specific filters relevant to the original search term.


Profile Ranking: LinkedIn is expanding on the Who’s Viewed Your Profile section with a new feature that shows how your profile ranks compared to others at your company and in your network. The ranking is based on the number of times your profile has been viewed during the previous 30 days.

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