A New Take on Construction: The Pure House

This summer, the first Pure House residential home will be constructed in Westport, Conn. This high performance home will feature world class building science on the outside and chemical free materials on the inside.


What is a Pure House?

The Pure House is a concept created by Douglas Mcdonald. Being built in Westport, Conn., the Pure House will be a 5,881 sq. ft colonial home that will exceed USA building standards and adhere to many Passive House criteria. The idea is to create iconic country homes that utilize the highest building standards from around the world.

Working closely with a team of designers and manufacturers throughout the Northeast, the Pure House team has been able to maximize comfort levels while minimizing or eliminating the home’s energy footprint. Space heating and cooling demand, primary energy demand, airtightness and thermal demand are regulated through a series of applications that include thermal window and door insulation, fresh air exchange systems, whole home water filtration and chemical-free practices.

Distinguishing Factors

The Pure House is able to provide the highest level of comfort by providing a completely allergen-free environment with fresh air provided throughout the home year-round. Additionally, the home features none of the materials listed on Google’s red list of building materials. The home is also built with the future in mind, by predicting future building codes and tailoring the home to exceed them.


Although the primary purpose of the Pure House is to create a sustainable, healthy living space, it is still, at heart, a luxury home. The discerning buyer can choose to include:

  • Heated Walkways: Keep your walkways safe and your house clean by including heated walkways. No more chemicals, no more salt or sand coming into the house.
  • Electric Charging System: Utilize the energy of your home to its highest ability by including a charging station for your electric car.
  • Whole House Water Filtration: Rest assured you have pure, clean drinking water by using whole house and reverse osmosis water purification technology.
  • Whole House Air Filtration: Choose to have whole house air filtration to all fresh air coming through the heat recovery system. Consider adding a superior Ultraviolet light system.
  • Passive House Certification: Take myCode+ all the way to the world wide gold standard in building science and performance by creating a project that can reach Passive House Institute certification.

For more information about the Pure House in Westport, Conn., contact Jeanette Dryburgh at (203)246-1168 or at jeanette.dryburgh@raveis.com. You can also visit Jeanette’s Agent Website on raveis.com.

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  1. Melinda Fitzgerald

    Love the heated walkways-no chemicals, salt, or dirt coming in…Genius.
    Love the whole house air filtration system-air is dirty, allergens, etc. Genius.
    Love whole house water filtration system-so many chemicals in our drinking water; some being carcenogens. Genius.


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