The Pure House: A High Performance Home

The Pure House makes sense. Its purpose is to maximize comfort levels while minimizing or eliminating its energy footprint.


Doug MacDonald and Bill Raveis introduce The Pure House, available at 100 Coleytown Road in Westport, CT.

Space heating and cooling demand, primary energy demand, airtightness and thermal demand are regulated through a series of applications that include  thermal window and door insulation, a fresh air exchange system, whole house water filtration and chemical-free practices.

Additional energy-saving features include energy-efficient appliances, no-irrigation landscaping, and of course, an electric charging station for your Tesla, and other electric cars.

Science aside, the pure luxury of a moderate, temperature controlled high performance environment to come home to is within reach.

To learn more about the Pure House or the Pure House Movement, please contact Jeanette Dryburgh & Associates at or (203) 246-1168. Or visit or

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