Knock Knock! Is Your Home Guest Ready?

It’s that time of year—holiday season! And while that usually means great food and catching up with family and friends, it also means (sometimes unexpected) holiday guests. There’s enough going on during the holidays that stressing about overnight visits shouldn’t be top on your list of priorities. Here’s a few tips to keep your home guest ready throughout the holiday season.


  1. Declutter. Of course, if you know guests are coming you’ll want to do a quick clean of major spaces, especially bathrooms, but you can start preparing your home before then by decluttering. Over the next few months you’ll be bringing in new items, decorating for the holidays, etc., so before that madness begins, take an afternoon to clear out newspapers, magazines, mail and other things you don’t need. It will make that cleaning blitz much easier when company is on the way.
  2. Have a Sleep Space Prepared. Don’t have an extra bedroom? Not to worry. Keep an air mattress handy for guests to spend the night on. Alternatively, you could keep a twin bed tucked under your mattress for easy storage, then all you have to do is pull it out and find floor space when a guest arrives. If all else fails, extra comfy blankets and pillows can do wonders toward turning a couch into an inviting bed.
  3. Collect Mini-Toiletries. Guests could feel uncomfortable using your full-sized bathroom supplies (especially something like a bar of soap,) so put them at ease by offering miniature versions. Everyone has old hotel shampoo laying around, so put it to good use when guests come to visit.
  4. Set Out Matching Towels. Remember those towel sets you put on your wedding registry? Now’s the time to round them up. (Or, head out and buy a new set.) Let your guest know that these are their towels to use whenever needed. If you have a guest room, lay them out there. If not, put them out wherever your guest will be sleeping.
  5. Crack a Window. This may seem strange, opening a window in the cold weather, but it really can help. Stale air isn’t pleasant for anyone, so even if you only leave it cracked for a half an hour to let in fresh air, it will make a world of difference.

Do you have any key tips for getting your home ready for holiday guests? If so, let us know in the comments!

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