Life Hacks for Surviving Winter in the Northeast

If you live anywhere near the Northeast, you know that the past month has been filled with snow, snow and more snow. It seems like it has barely let up the past few weekends. However, you can survive the snow! We know you can. So, we’ve rounded up some of the best winter life hacks that the Internet has to offer.


1. Park facing east. If you park facing east your car will be in the path of the sun for most of the day, melting any ice or snow that accumulates.

2. Use hand sanitizer to melt ice in your car door lock. If you’ve found your car door lock frozen closed, pouring hand sanitizer into the lock can help to melt the ice. The alcohol in the hand sanitizer will melt the ice and voila! (You can also blow on it through a straw.)

3. Cover your windshield wipers at night. Everyone knows the trick of raising your windshield wipers at night so they don’t freeze to your windshield. But, you’ll have an even better result if you cover them in socks. Finally, a use for all those dryer sock orphans!

4. Use nonstick cooking spray on your shovel. Just a small spray of nonstick cooking spray on your shovel can ensure that sticky snow slides right off.

5. Keep kitty litter in your trunk. If you have a lighter-weight car, keeping kitty litter in your trunk can help to give you added traction on icy roads. Also, in a pinch, you can put down kitty litter behind your tires if you get stuck in a spot.

6. Use your oven’s residual heat. When you cook a meal in an oven, leave the door open when you’re done. The residual heat will add a bit of heat to your home, instead of wasting it.

What are your favorite winter life hacks?

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