Need to Know: March 2015

Social media is constantly changing. We know that it can be hard to keep up, so each month we’re going to provide you with a quick round-up of the latest news in the space. We stay on top of all the changes so you don’t have to.



Facebook Messenger Overhaul: Facebook plans to announce that it’s opening up Facebook Messenger to third-party apps. The social network is set to announce about 20 third-party services, whose apps will work on top of Messenger when the integration rolls out.

Facebook Payments: A new feature for Messenger allows users send and receive money to one another. Facebook users can only add their debit card information for now, a decision the company said was made to minimize fraud and avoid fees.


Report Threats to Police: Twitter’s new harassment-reporting tool is making it easier for users to report threatening tweets to the police. Users who report threatening tweets now have the option of receiving an emailed report, summarizing the tweet, when it was sent and other information that may be relevant to law enforcement.


Updated Look and Feel, And More: LinkedIn recently introduced a new look and feel to your home page and profile page, as well as additional features and a new pricing plan.



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