What to Share on Social: Tips for Non-Promotional Content

Facebook is a powerful tool for real estate, and when leveraged correctly it can help you retain and attract clients.


But, when it comes to Facebook, and all social media, the type of content you put out there is extremely important. On a platform where most users are looking for photos of their grandkids and cute cat memes, self-promotional content as a regular strategy simply won’t cut it. And Facebook users have no qualms about unfollowing you just as quickly as they hit “like.”

So how do you toe the line? How can you make sure that your followers know what you do without alienating them? By choosing smart, curated content on a regular basis.

  1. Local, Local, Local. Most buyers move within a pretty small radius of where they currently live. Proving that you know your local area better than any other agent is key. Whether you engage with a local business (say your favorite restaurant or coffee shop) or post a selfie of yourself at a local farmer’s market, showing that you’re tuned into your town is a huge piece of curating great social media content. Where to find it: Follow your local Chamber of Commerce, local small businesses, local media outlets and other key organizations who are tapped into what’s happening in your town.
  2. Real Estate Content. If you’ve been asked a question more than twice, chances are it’s something buyers or sellers want to know. Remember, you are the expert when it comes to real estate, and you’ve amassed a huge library of content through your experience. Use it to your advantage! Post quick, succinct tips on key parts of the buying and selling process. Bonus points if you turn this into a video! Where to find it: Your own brain, mostly. But if you’re looking for inspiration REALTORmag, RISMediaUpdates, InmanNews, Bankrate and RealtyBizNow all have great articles on all kids of topics.
  3. Funny/Viral Content. Yes, people on social media love to laugh. So if you see a funny comic strip, or an appropriate meme, feel free to post it on your site. If someone laughs at something they see in their newsfeed, they’re more likely to remember it, and the person who posted it. Just make sure that anything you share is appropriate for all audiences. Where to find it: Pinterest, The Lighter Side of Real Estate
  4. Things About You. Yes, your page shouldn’t just be about you, but that doesn’t mean that some of your content can’t focus on you. Profile in a news article? Post it. Guest blog for your company? Post it. Have a great new listing? Post it. (With the caveat that it make that post about what will make a buyer interested in that house.) Win an award? Post it. It’s okay to brag about yourself, just keep it to 20% of your total content stream.

So, what are your best tips for posting content to Facebook?




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