3 Things to Do After a Closing

While a closing on a house may signal the end of a chapter for both the buyer and seller, for the real estate agent the closing is really just the beginning.


In real estate, agents rely on their past clients for referrals and future business. So, what happens after the closing is almost as important as what happens before and during. You’re likely getting ready to turn your attention to a new client, but before you do take a few small steps to nurture your relationship and keep the door open for future business.

  1. Come up with a plan for future communication. The vast majority of consumers would reuse their real estate agent, if they could only remember their name. If they could only remember your name?! Don’t let your past clients fall into this bucket. Make sure they remember your name. Whether you use a set drip-campaign set up by your brokerage or a vendor, come up with a calendar in a spreadsheet, or put reminders in your calendar, make sure you have a consistent, actionable plan in place to stay in contact with your clients. Wish them a happy birthday, congratulate them on one-year in their new home, remember their anniversary, etc. These small reminders will make sure they always remember your name.
  2. Ask for a review. There’s no better time to ask for a review than immediately following a closing. Hopefully your clients are thrilled with their new home (or with the sale of their home) and with your service during the process. Asking them for this small favor, while those happy thoughts are fresh in their mind, is the perfect time. Also, having them spell out exactly what made the process so great can sometimes jog their memory of potential referrals.
  3. Send a thank-you. Most clients won’t be expecting anything. After all, the closing is done, you’ve been paid, what else is there to do? But a hand-written thank-you note and a small gift can go a long way toward cementing you into the hearts and minds of your clients. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or expensive, but a nice gesture goes a long way.

What are your go tos to make sure you do following a closing?

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