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A picture is worth a thousand words, no doubt. However, we were also taught to never judge a book by its cover.  Luckily, technology has taken real estate marketing to a whole new level.  We don’t have to resort to having a consumer browse through a photo gallery of a home.  Now, consumers can connect with and experience the home of their dreams.

The purchase of a luxury home tends to be an upgrade or a vacation home. It is a testament to success, but should also be a retreat that has potential to make every free moment enjoyable with family and friends. These homes offer lavish amenities and spaces to share, along with cozy spaces to retreat.  When marketing a luxury home, we need to appeal to emotion and form a connection. The consumer should be able to picture the family gatherings in the space.  While this had been challenging to portray in the past, technology advancements have allowed a consumer to truly experience a home  – on their schedule – right from the comfort of a computer, Smart TV or mobile device.

Raveis Exceptional PropertiesTime is precious and in the service industry, it is our role to reach the consumer the way they want to be reached…  whether that is through a website, app, print publication, Facebook, or even their inbox.  Marketing should give the most relevant information, clearly and with great presentation.  Professional photography with high dynamic range is step one.  A twilight shot is a great way to add some dimension (and sometimes a way to disguise the season).


Raveis Exceptional PropertiesOne of the first technology/marketing advancements for real estate was interactive floor plans.  Floor plans allow the consumer to not just see rooms, but to see how they flow to meet their specific needs.  Around the same time, aerial photography became more common and therefore more affordable. Aerial was followed by elevated and now licensed drone pilots.  All of these show the house from a different perspective and how it relates to its environment.  If the draw is water or mountains, one photograph really can capture it all.  This is particularly attractive for buyers coming from out of the area or overseas.

Raveis Exceptional PropertiesVideo brings a story and story appeals to emotion.  It is one of the best ways to get a feel for how it is to actually live in a home.  The latest in heightening the online experience is the Raveis 3D walkthrough tours. The 3d tours allow consumers to see every angle of a home and virtually walk through the space at their own pace – via a swipe on an iPad/mobile device or a cursor on a desktop computer.  It includes a dollhouse view that shows how each room flows to the next that you can even spin to see all angles, as well as a floor plan view.  Navigating through the levels is very interactive and keeps consumers engaged.

While a great photo is a vital first step, technology has finally evolved to bring real estate to life.  To experience your dream home, visit raveis.com or browse through our EP Portfolio of properties.

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