Joy Kim

A Revolutionary Moment in Real Estate

William Raveis Sales Associate, Joy Kim Metalios was interviewed for Greenwich Times’ Sound Off column to give her feedback on recent changes in the real estate market. Joy Kim Metalios speaks to technology and how it’s changing the real estate business.

Below is a copy of the article:

Joy KimTechnology drives so much of our lives today. To be “wired” conjures both good and bad connotations, but in the business of buying and selling homes, technology affords great opportunities for realtors and brokers, as well as our clients. When I began my career in real estate, the Internet was still in its infancy. Email and cell phones were brand-new concepts. Realtors were heavily reliant on fax machines as a means to receive Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data about properties, and share it with clients.

Oh how times have changed, and for the better! Today, the Internet and social-media sites provide us with instantaneous information about properties, neighborhoods, and real estate partners. Communication is far more expedient, thanks to mobile phones, email, texting, and chat apps. Documents are shared and signed digitally, no longer reliant on those antiquated fax machines or snail mail.

Video is playing an increasingly important role in how we do business and provide service to our clients, as well. Video conferencing, for example, is so sophisticated and accessible today, that realtors can even leverage the technology to virtually introduce clients to properties. Potential buyers can walk through properties even from long distances away.

And video has become important from a marketing perspective, as well. Agents and brokerages are able to introduce themselves to prospective clients with short videos, but more importantly, video can beautifully present a home to a much broader audience than the one we could once reach through showing appointments and open houses.

Recently, I produced a video for a home located at 14 Red Coat Lane in Greenwich. Rather than just a simple virtual tour of the home, viewers got to see the property through the eyes of children playing a game of Hide-and-Seek. It was so well received, the video “went viral” and was shown at real-estate conferences around the world as an example of what’s possible when we embrace digital media and think creatively.

The business of real estate is not unlike other industries that have been revolutionized by digital technologies. It’s the agents and brokers who have embraced these tools that are excelling in the market today—effectively communicating with and advocating for our clients.

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