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I Built it at Raveis: Agent Branding

William Raveis was the first in the nation to provide brokers with specialized, individual branding. Our team of experienced designers will collaborate with you to make your vision come to life.

We have the inside scoop on agent branding from two of our designers, Karolyn Rossetti and Sara Swain:

Q: What are the advantages of having the Raveis brand and a local brand?

A: Karolyn: The Raveis brand associates our agents with the largest family-owned real estate company in the Northeast as well as the best marketing and technology tools we offer in the industry. The agent’s local brand distinguishes them from their competition and tap into a hyper-local community.

Q: Briefly describe what your process is when you start branding an agent.

A: Sara: For me, branding is based on both psychology and style. The agents are given a branding questionnaire that is to be completed and returned to the marketing coordinators prior to their appointment. The questionnaire is made up of six straightforward questions. These questions give us as designers a brief look at an agent’s mindset. However, they only open the door to the process.

I try to go a step beyond the questions and observe the writing style. If the questions are answered in paragraphs, I see this as a person who has a very clear idea of what they want and I try to follow that as closely as I can. Brevity, on the other hand, tells me that they may be unsure of their own likes and dislikes (aesthetically speaking) and will most likely need creative guidance. When this case presents itself, I dive deeper and do a bit of research by reading their Raveis.com profile. Often times I can find subtle clues that spark an idea. I will then create four to six logos within their preferred color palette. I try to use different fonts to show some variety. Nine times out of ten, the agent is able to look at these choices and pick one on the spot.

Q: Why is it important to meet with the agent in person?

A: Karolyn: Meeting face-to-face is still very important – even in today’s technology-driven world. The feedback and dialogue that takes place during a 60 minute meeting is priceless. It’s difficult to convey what one is really envisioning over email or phone. Meeting in person allows us as designers to gain more insight into what the agent visions.

Q: What type of materials do agents use to market themselves? Where does their branding show up?

A: Sara: We offer our agents several interesting printed materials, some that are unique to William Raveis. The combination of personalized branding and exclusive direct mail pieces makes a powerful impact. The hope is that this impression creates a long-lasting, positive memory for the clients, both current and prospective.

In addition to the printed materials, the agent’s branding will appear on their Raveis.com profile, social media sites, business cards, stationery, signage and advertisements.

Outside of the standard materials, I have seen agent branding on everything from iPhone and tablet cases to billboards.

Q: What is the most challenging aspect of agent branding?

A: Karolyn: The most challenging aspect of branding is coming up with a new design on the spot. I find it rewarding when an agent loves the logo I’ve created for them right away.

Q: How do you stay fresh with new ideas and get inspired?

A: Sara: Like many aspects of our fast-paced world, design is ever-changing. I personally find the best way to keep up is to follow blogs, read online magazines and listen to podcasts that are related to art, graphic design and/or marketing. When I see a new design style, I watch online tutorials to study and learn the technique. I also like to keep up with my creative friends outside of the real estate business. A great way to consistently stay fresh in this line of work is to venture beyond your own bubble as often as you can to see what is current and popular in other industries.

Need a branding appointment? Contact marketing@raveis.com to get more information.

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