We Are a Marketing and Technology Company…

…And We Always Have Been.

Over the past three decades, William Raveis Real Estate has always stayed current with the latest marketing and technology. As the first real estate company to install the data point computer system for agents, to the introduction of fax machines in every Raveis office, we have always invested in what was necessary to excel in the industry.

As a marketing and technology-driven real estate company, we help our agents and customers stay fresh and relevant in the industry.

Here’s how:

  • Agent Branding
    • William Raveis was the first in the nation to provide brokers with individual branding. Our team of experienced designers will collaborate with you to make your vision come to life.
      • Personalized attention in one-one meetings
      • Fully integrated marketing materials
      • Raveis designers have branded 1,000+ agents since 1985
  • Raveis.com
    • With the latest technology and resources, we equip our sales associates with a suite of tools on raveis.com to service their customers through a variety of devices – be it mobile, tablet or desktop.
      • Agent Dashboard
      • Local Housing Newsletter
      • Forecasting Tool
      • Customized Online Home Evaluation
  • Digital Marketing
    • We understand the scope of marketing in today’s world. Our Marketing Team will help you generate leads through an integrated digital marketing approach.
      • Multi-channel solutions
      • Search Marketing (SEO/SEM)
  • Drone Photography & Videography
    • Technology advancements have allowed consumers to truly experience a home. Professional, high-dynamic drone photography and videography offers a unique perspective when showcasing a home.
      • Aerial stills & video
  • Print Advertising
    • We take a fully-integrated approach when developing our marketing materials. Our Marketing Department invests in developing campaigns using both print advertising and online channels.
      • Brochures
      • Postcards
  • Local Housing Newsletter
    • It’s important for you to receive the most accurate, timely and comprehensive data specific to local marketplaces. Our Local Housing Newsletter provides you with the statistics you need to service your clients.
      • Year-over-year statistics
      • Key data analysis
      • Town rankings
      • Current market conditions
  • Social Media
    • We offer our sales associates social media services to help maximize their reach and tap into a broader audience through engaging content on all major social networks.
      • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+
  • Raveis 3D
    • Raveis 3D uses advanced technology to provide home buyers with a dynamic, interactive experience when viewing a home – on their schedule – right from the comfort of a computer, Smart TV or mobile device.
    • Dollhouse perspective
    • Virtual tours
    • Self-navigation throughout entire house
  • Email Campaigns
    • Email campaigns allow our sales associates to nurture current and prospective buyers and increase their spheres of influence through continual e-marketing.
      • Relevant target messaging to buyers and sellers
  • Customer Service Center
    • Every sign of interest on our website is instantly picked up by our Customer Service Center, 7 days a week via phone, text, instant messaging, and email.
      • 30,000 leads per year
      • Up-to-date resources
  • Marketing Team
    • Our Marketing division provides a variety of services to help showcase the individual personality of each agent.
      • Agent branding
      • Advertising assistance
      • Digital & social marketing training and guidance
  • Technology Team
    • William Raveis Real Estate has excelled at staying ahead of the curve with technology for over three decades.
      • First company to install data point computer systems for agents
      • Constant upgrades in technology as it changes
      • 10 million visits worldwide to raveis.com
      • 300,000 unique visitors per month to raveis.com

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