Spring Clean Up

5 Spring Home Maintenance Tips

It’s spring! The birds chirping, flowers are blooming, the sun is out – and so are prospective home buyers. They’re on the go and ready to look into a place to call home. But, is your home ready?

Look over this checklist to determine the areas that need a little pick-me-up before the next showing:

  • Inspect the roof. Do a thorough, visual check around your roof. Be sure to look for cracked, warped or loose shingles and make note of areas that are too high and dangerous for you to inspect. Consider hiring a professional to scope out these areas.
  • Give it some fresh paint. It’s a simple element that can really make a house stand out in the neighborhood. Touch-up painting is easy to do and relatively inexpensive.
  • Clean the gutters. Clearing out your home’s gutters should ideally be done twice a year, at least. If you’re overdue for a gutter cleaning, now is the time to get started! Be on the lookout for leaky or loose gutters, as those can create even more problems down the road with flooding.
  • Repair or replace your screens. Inspect and clean all of the screens around the house. Check for holes or areas that need to be repaired. If the damage is too much, consider replacing them.
  • Tidy up the yard. The exterior of your property is what home buyers will see first. Making a good first impression is crucial in the home buying process. As Spring and Summer unfold, it’s important to maintain a neat and tidy yard. Take a walk around the house and remove fallen branches, weeds and dead leaves. A simple yard cleanup can make a huge difference in curb appeal.

These tips to spruce up your home for the spring market may already sound familiar, but it can be easy to overlook in the midst of preparing your home for prospective home buyers. Following these simple home improvements can help increase the value of your home and will be well worth your time and effort.

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