Insurance Interviews: An Overview from Loren Marozas

Welcome to Insurance Interviews, a new section of our blog where we will ask our VP of Service & Training, Loren Marozas for insight and best practices for utilizing and securing the best insurance policies for home, auto, jewelry and more! We interviewed Loren for a quick overview on Insurance at William Raveis and in general. Check it out below!

Herb Mehlman & Loren Marozas

Herb Mehlman & Loren Marozas

How did you get into the insurance business? What do you like about it?

I got into insurance quite by accident when I was much younger.  I was working in an industry that was being replaced by technology, so I recognized a need to ‘move on’. I applied at The Hartford Insurance in their call center, which is where I learned much of my skill today.  I wouldn’t change it for the world!

The greatest reward working with insurance is knowing that you are protecting people, and offering something they *need*!  Almost everyone drives, owns a home or rents, or has some need for insurance.  At the end of the day, we provide something that repairs, replaces or remediates the devastations that life and throw at us.  It’s very rewarding to see our clients made whole again!

What kinds of insurance does William Raveis offer?

William Raveis Insurance offers a myriad of insurance options for our clients, including:  Auto, Home/Condo/Renters, Umbrella, Jewelry/Collections, Boat, Recreational Vehicle, Collector Car, Rental Property, Life, Small Business/Commercial, Event/Wedding and Vacant/Renovation Insurances.

What’s the most interesting story of where insurance purchased ended up being well-needed?

We have had instances where a person’s house has been burned down but because we presented them with such a comprehensive policy, their home and belongings were replaced, and during the process they were given the proper compensation to keep their lifestyle as they had been accustomed to in order to keep some semblance of normalcy during a devastating time.

We also had a client who lost her engagement ring during a routine hospital visit.  She took it off to get an MRI scan and when she went to put it back on, it was gone.  The insurance carrier provided her with a brand new engagement ring because she had it scheduled with her home insurance carrier for full replacement.

Common mistakes people make when buying insurance?

Money is always a factor, but sometimes getting the lowest price doesn’t always get you the comprehensive coverage you need.  The old slogan “buyer beware” applies when the price can seem too good to be true.   What coverage was omitted, missing or rejected that the client may not be aware of?

Can you explain how dogs or pets are included on insurance policies?

Pets are a wonderful addition to any family, but owning some dog breeds or exotic animals can make it hard to find insurance, or cause their insurance rates to be higher. It’s always best to check with your agent to make sure you are best advised on any scenario that arises when it comes to animals!

Can you explain flood insurance?

Everyone’s home is designated into a flood zone according to the National Flood Insurance Program. Most homes do not fall into a high risk flood zone and do not require flood insurance. For those that do, flood rates can be high, and there are really only two options when it comes to obtaining rates.  Our agents are well trained and can help advise clients what to do when purchasing a new home, updating their current home to FEMA standards or general advice on their rates and coverage.

In general, for the best advice, you should always have an insurance agent on call that you trust to ask pertinent questions. Your agent, a good agent, will always do what is in your best interest and make sure you are protected as comprehensively as is possible!

What is your background, in a nutshell?

I started at the Hartford Insurance company back in 2001. I worked in customer service, special services, call center coaching/training and underwriting.  I then moved to Nationwide where I was a personal lines manager, but my skill-set had me doing sales as well. I came to William Raveis in 2012 as a producer. During this time, I earned a degree in project management with a minor in marketing. Since then I have been the top sales insurance producer and continue to do sales as I transitioned to training and management.

Thank you, Loren! 

Loren Marozas at the William Raveis Thanksgiving Potluck

Loren Marozas at the William Raveis Thanksgiving Potluck

Loren Marozas, a fun-loving guy!

Loren Marozas, a fun-loving guy!

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