A Heightened Level of Connectivity in a Tech-Driven World

In a recent article by RIS Media, Ryan Raveis was quoted in depth about William Raveis’ new platform, MoxiWorks, and apparently, it is being noticed by the tech and real estate worlds alike. We are happy to share the article below, for your reading pleasure about the latest technological advances William Raveis Real Estate, Mortgage & Insurance is introducing!

Make technology work for you

From RIS Media:

Committed to keeping their agents on the leading edge of the ever-evolving technology movement, William Raveis Real Estate has invested heavily in their technology platform over the course of the past year. From partnering with Microsoft to introducing a customizable version of Office 365 to each and every agent across the firm’s 120 offices, the cherry on top of it all is the brokerage’s recent partnership with residential brokerage services company Moxi Works.

“We’ve known about Moxi Works for a number of years,” says Ryan Raveis, co-president of William Raveis, Inc. and president of William Raveis Mortgage, who goes on to explain that the decision to partner with Moxi Works was a no-brainer.

“We ended up liking Moxi Works for a number of reasons,” says Raveis. “Not only are the people great, but they know the real estate business, they have a progressive trajectory in terms of where they’re taking their technology, and, most importantly, it fits within what we’re doing as a company.” In fact, Moxi Works’ tools have been completely integrated into Raveis365, the brokerage’s own technology platform, offering a heightened level of connectivity among the various components that make up William Raveis Real Estate’s technology suite.

“It’s the connection we’re going to utilize most,” says Raveis. “By integrating virtual postcards, signatures and customer records from other software we use, we’re taking the tedious work out of what an agent has to do to service a client.”

With a successful pilot under its belt, a company-wide rollout of the Moxi Works platform took place this past April, garnering positive feedback from a group of tech-forward agents tasked with testing the system.

“Agents love that it’s integrated into the MLS, and that they can track and see where they are in the process with clients,” says Raveis. “We’re also going to be integrating our accounting system into the mix so that agents can track their commissions.”

As agents continue to get up and running with everything Moxi Works has to offer, Raveis anticipates an increased level of productivity across the board. “In addition to our agents being more productive, I expect the use of technology to become more intuitive for them, in addition to adding another level of ease to the selling process,” says Raveis.

Always looking toward the future, Raveis is most excited about the fact that Moxi Works fits in seamlessly with the direction the firm is going.

For more information, please visit www.moxiworks.com.

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