Agent Spotlight: Stacey Sporn

Stacey Sporn, a consistent top producer for William Raveis Armonk since 2005, lets us take a peek into her personal life for this week’s Agent Spotlight. Contact Stacey for any of your real estate needs in Armonk, NY on her website.

A balancing act: mother of 3 & successful real estate associate!

WR: What drew you to the real estate industry?

SS: I have always worked in design and sales. It seemed like a perfect fit for the real estate industry. When I moved to the suburbs from NYC, I bought a house for sale by owner and then bought and sold another two homes direct. Once I had these transactions under my belt, it made the idea of working in real estate a reality. Also, I grew up in Armonk and for me, selling homes that I knew from childhood really sang to my heart. It was easy and natural.

WR: When did you begin? Why William Raveis? 

SS: I began in 2004. William Raveis is a family run company and I love the idea of working with a family. Not to mention the global and local reach we have with cooperative agents in our company.

Stacey and her three sons.

WR: Where did you grow up and where do you live now? 

SS: I grew up in Armonk on Rt. 22 in a 1900 Georgian colonial estate. I currently live in a gated community in Armonk, Cidermill which I absolutely love and can walk to the office. I have three boys, a sophomore at University of Miami, a junior and a freshman in Byram Hills High School.

WR: Name one celebrity, dead or alive, who you would like to sell a home?

SS: Audrey Hepburn. Her style and grace has always enchanted me.

Stacey with her sister in hats she custom-made.

WR: Name 5 things that most people don’t know about you. 

SS: 1. I am one a four sisters. We are incredibly close. One of my sisters is a broker and works with me in the Scarsdale Office.  2. I am an avid tennis player and play competitively. 3. I sing acapella in a group in Greenwich, CT, The Grace Notes. We sing in senior homes and hospitals. It’s super rewarding and seeing the smiles and joy we bring to them is unsurpassed. 4. I play maj jahn and love to paddle board 5. The sun and music moves me!

WR: You are stranded on a deserted island for one year, you get to bring 3 things – Tell us what they are.

SS: 1. My I phone: music, connectivity and camera. 2. Company: someone who I can laugh, cry, talk and hug. 3. A tool box: handy items to build my own place to call home.

Stacey doing aerial yoga.

WR: Most used feature on Raveis365? Most used app on your phone? 

SS: 1. Email and CMA’s (Comparative Market Analysis’). 2. Instagram, Facebook: I connect with my friends, colleagues and clients through social media.

WR: What is the best advice you received from your parents or loved ones?

SS: Follow you gut and be truthful! Hard work pays off! Family is everything!

Stacey Sporn

WR: If you weren’t in real estate, what would be your dream job?

SS: I would be a host on the Today Show

WR: What are your favorite local activities that you participate in? How do you engage with your community?

SS: My three boys are active in the community and I tag along to that. I belong to a tennis club in town, a local synagogue and I’m a member of a local book club. I’m also a member of the pre-school association and a member of a local beach community in Armonk.

WR: Fill in the blank: Your day cannot begin without _____? 

SS: Contact with my family, sun and music!

Stacey photographed in one of her listings.

Paddleboarding, one of Stacey’s favorite activities.

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