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Jamie Zdru

I Built it at Raveis: Exceptional Properties. Exceptional Global Service.

A picture is worth a thousand words, no doubt. However, we were also taught to never judge a book by its cover.  Luckily, technology has taken real estate marketing to a whole new level.  We don’t have to resort to having a consumer browse through a photo gallery of a home.  Now, consumers can connect with and experience the home of their dreams.

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Powerful Social Marketing

At William Raveis Real Estate Mortgage and Insurance, we are a sales company that markets homes and provides all of the services involved with the real estate transaction.  Marketing a home needs an  aggressive campaign.

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Spotlight: Luxury Portfolio International

William Raveis Real Estate, Mortgage & Insurance is very proud to be an Advisory Board member of Luxury Portfolio International™.  Luxury Portfolio International™ is comprised of hand-picked independent luxury brokers that are also members of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®.

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How Exactly Do You Run a 20,000+ Square Foot Home?

Many of the large luxury homes offer staffing quarters or perhaps an entire wing of the home dedicated for staff.  Have you ever wondered what type of staff is needed to run a 20,000+ square foot home and how much each of those employees cost?  Well that of course depends on the lifestyle of the homeowners – how large the family, how much they entertain and how much time they spend at the home.  There is an entire service industry dedicated to residential staffing.   Continue reading

Lavish Extras, Including Party Barns, Help Bring Family & Friends Closer Together

What is lavish luxury living to you? One size definitely does not fit all here, but the answer can sometimes be more practical than you think. When money is not a roadblock, finding time to enjoy family and friends may still be a challenge. The easy solution seems to be to make any time together truly quality time!  In regards to luxury real estate, that includes creating a lavish indoor/outdoor playground to match the personalities and passions of family members. No matter what the ages of the family members or grandchildren, it is keeping everyone together to entertain and enjoy being together – right at home!

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Targeting the Luxury Consumer

Today’s consumer wants everything at their fingertips. They want the information they are looking for to find them rather than having to research too much on their own. They sign up for email/text alerts, or apps that get them what they need… the way they need it.   So how does William Raveis Real Estate, Mortgage & Insurance cater to those needs and market our exceptional homes to billions of luxury consumers globally?  We have a multi- Continue reading

Our Luxury Wish List

Holidays can be such a magical time when family and friends are all together.  However, they can also be a time of stress.  The full office schedule; the parties/planning; cooking/baking; house cleaning; buying/wrapping/hiding presents… and if you were too late for online shopping, finding a parking space at the mall.  I still enjoy the holidays just as much as my kids. Some years Continue reading

Home Automation Conveniences

In today’s fast paced world, we have so much on our mind, that sometimes we get sidetracked from the most routine things.  Have you ever locked yourself out of the house?  Have you ever left the house wondering if you ACTUALLY turned off the stove?  With the simple technology of home automation, we can monitor just about anything from just about anywhere.

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Not Your Cookie Cutter Colonial

A few years back, buyers were after colonial homes and the builders couldn’t get them up fast enough.  Times have changed and the high-end buyer is after a one-of-a-kind home.   Below are a few examples of unique homes currently marketed by the Exceptional Properties Division at William Raveis Real Estate.

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The ‘Story’ of a Photograph

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words.   It’s the best chance to make a great first impression.  In real estate, one photograph can equate to hundreds of thousands of dollars… Continue reading