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Personalized Agent Branding at William Raveis, by Steven Csejka, VP of Marketing

At William Raveis, it’s always been known that “the agent is our customer.” Bill Raveis said this back in 1974 and it’s been our mission statement ever since, but never have the words been more true than with our sales associate branding program. Let me walk you through the process here on our blog.

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In Loving Memory: Sandy Hook Elementary Education Fund

The tragic act of violence that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown on Friday, December 14th, will forever leave a hole in the hearts of families and communities across the nation and the globe.

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The Fiscal Cliff and Housing

So you think battling the lines at Macy’s on Black Friday or ensuring that your credit card information wouldn’t get stolen as you maxed out your card on Cyber Monday were difficult?  Try dealing with an impending fiscal cliff.  Yep, that’s right.  The fiscal cliff is the latest challenge our country and our current administration face before we head into the new year.  But, what exactly is this ‘fiscal cliff’ we keep hearing about?  And how will could it impact your homebuying decisions? Continue reading

Reflecting on Sandy: How To Move Forward

Hurricane Sandy has changed the lives of many Americans throughout the East Coast.  The devastating storm has caused major disruptions and tragedy for businesses and families, impacting daily life as we know it.  However, the rebuilding efforts have been as tremendous as Sandy, herself.  From neighborhoods banding together to provide eachother support, to the incredible efforts of Manhattan’s police force, transportation and government to ensure the subway system was almost fully functional within one week of Sandy’s passing, the East Coast has weathered the storm.  To ensure you are taking the right steps to rebuild, or help those that have been impacted, here are some important resources. Continue reading

Comfortable Couches for Super Laziness

Never has the word “comfortable” had so much meaning as when discussing a couch.  And for all you armchair quarterbacks out there, the comfortable couch is now a second home with the official kickoff of the NFL season yesterday!  But what really is a comfortable couch?  Is it one that can Continue reading

Baby Proof Your Home for National Baby Safety Month

According to, September is National Baby Safety Month!  In honor of this very important occasion, which starts in just one day, we wanted to create a post devoted to keeping your baby as safe as possible in your home.  As any new parent knows, homes can be potential land mines for a curious little crawler.  We decided to take a look at major parts of a home that could pose a problem to your child’s safety, if you’re not careful: The bathroom, doorways, windows, electric outlets and the kitchen. Continue reading

Coolest Concept Houses

The word “cool” is certainly an overused term in daily vernacular.  But, at the risk of sounding boring, I’m going to have to say some of the homes you see below are way cool.  We always like to keep things fresh here at William Raveis and researching the newest trends in homebuilding and architecture are on our to-do list.  Check out some of these up-and-coming structural concepts, from a home that uses only 10% of the energy of typical homes, to a 330 square foot apartment that transforms into 24 rooms!

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Augusta National Golf Club Gives New Meaning to the William Raveis Annual Golf Tournament

The famous green jackets provided to Augusta National Golf Club members now have brand new shoulders to rest on- those of 2 prominent females.  That’s right.  I said females.  Augusta National Golf Club finally bid ironclad tradition adieu, welcoming its first women members-former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and South Caroline financier Darla Moore.  This momentous occasion comes after years of controversy around archaic Continue reading

Real Estate Lessons from Comic-Con

Every year, Comic-Con never fails to deliver surprises and excitement to hundreds of thousands of comic book, movie, television and novel lovers.  This year, Comic-Con boasted 125,000 eager spectators, meandering through displays of the latest and greatest in entertainment, technology and comic-style writing.   The event had crowds reeling with anticipation, showing previews of every major television show and movie, from a 2-minute spoiler of the upcoming season of Dexter, to a killer teaser of genius, Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained.  To add icing to an already spectacular cake, Robert Downey Jr., star of the upcoming Marvel classic, IronMan 3, made a guest appearance, to the delight of young and older fans alike.

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How Do You Create a Mobile Business?

The real estate business (and business as a whole) has changed- ALOT.  Looking specifically at real estate, one of the latest points of evolution is the increasing infiltration of mobile into a realtor’s daily routine.  From texting, to email, to social apps and calendars, a real estate agent can (dare I say it) almost safely pack his or her pc deep into a closet.  But, with the deluge of apps, social media and software updates an individual encounters everyday, it’s often tough to extract important information from all the noise.  Which begs the question, how does a realtor, or any kind of company focus on becoming a mobile business?  How can entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies alike, leverage mobile tools to gain the coveted title of “a successful mobile business?”  Well, here are some thoughts to get the ball rolling: Continue reading