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Selling Your Home in “The Offseason”

Here in New England as the temperatures drop, so goes the traffic of buyers. Or at least that is the traditional belief of many real estate professionals.  While it is true that buyer traffic does drop off in the cooler months, nobody has proved that transaction volume drops by similar numbers.  In my opinion it is a perception issue.  Qualified motivated buyers remain in the market year round.  Time and individual circumstances dictate this from a buyer point of view.  So the perception of less traffic makes one feel as if it is harder to sell in the offseason.  At the end of the day, it is easier for the listing agent and the seller to sell in the offseason since there are fewer tire kickers, or nosey neighbors in the market.  As a REALTOR, I would always prefer to deal with a handful of quality buyers than a plethora of buyers that are a mixed bag of indecision and motivation.

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Frequently Used Lending and Closing Terms

Understanding the home loan process can be complicated, particularly with all of the loan-specific terms. Becoming familiar with frequently used lending terms may make the process less stressful. In this article you will find information on frequently used lending terms. This list, however, is not exhaustive.

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The Massachusetts Real Estate Market: Predictions for 2013

With the excess of free time that can be afforded to oneself due to a lack of power caused from the Blizzard of 2013, I started to ponder: what will the Massachusetts real estate market would look like at the end of 2013?  Hence, here my thoughts on where I see the market headed this year.

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The Difference Between Appraisal And Assessment Values

When buying or selling a home, you sure learn alot of new words.  ARM, loan limits, adjustments, mortgage interest adjustment, buyer agency….the list doesn’t end. However, there are two terms that you will always hear which you need to pay attention to:  Appraisal and Assessment.  These processes are a must to complete a home purchase and are often deciding factors for buyers and sellers.  William Tierney, an associate at William Raveis Scituate , provides and explanation, as well as a contrast between the two terms.  For more of William’s awesome advice, check out his blog.   Continue reading

The Benefits of Hiring a Buyer Agent

Hiring a buyer agent can make your home search process much easier and more efficient.  Listing agents have a legal responsibility towards their clients which means they place a specific client’s needs first.  However, you can enjoy this same sort of relationship with a buyer’s agent.  William Tierney, an associate in our Scituate, MA office, describes the importance of and services provided by a buyer’s agent.  Read more of his insight into the real estate market at his blog . Continue reading

What Are Pre-paid Expenses And Escrows & What Do They Have to Do with Closings?

There are several intimidating definitions when it comes to real estate.  PMI, FHA, VA, closing costs and amortization are just a few of the acronyms and terms that create clouds of uncertainty for homebuyers and sellers.  However, as intimidating as these terms may seem, their explanations are relatively simple.  Most of the time, it just takes a quick call to your realtor to understand how these terms fit into the crazy labyrinth known as a real estate deal.  William Tierney, an agent in our Scituate, MA office, discusses a few important real estate terms-specifically, Pre-paid Expenses and Escrows and how they both fit into the closing process.  Read on…

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Post Accepted Offer Checklist

Getting an offer on your home is an exhilarating and overwhelming experience, all at once.  Whether your home has been on the market for 6 days or 6 months, an offer usually means you and your broker have been doing something (or many things) right, be it the broker’s flawless marketing, an attractive price or a renovation that really paid off.  However, just because you have an offer in hand, doesn’t mean your home-selling experience has come to an end.  On the contrary, an accepted offer is only the beginning of the sale.  As William Tierney, a William Raveis associate on the Cape, wrote this wonderful guest post detailing a “Post Accepted Offer Checklist.”  As you’ll see, there are several to-do items following the accepted offer you and your broker have been waiting for.  For more awesome real estate tips from William Tierney, check out his blog. Continue reading

Short Sales Don't Have to Be Scary

This post from William Tierney, an agent in our Scituate, Massachusetts office, discusses 5 major items buyers need to be aware of before purchasing a short sale.  With these tips in mind, the short sale process can be alot less scary.  While short sales can be attractive for a variety of reasons, price, being one of them, there are a few hurdles to overcome along the way.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go forward with your purchase, however!  Just make sure you are thoroughly informed prior to going ahead in the process.  Will’s tips below will be a huge step in that direction. For more buyer and seller tips, please check out Will’s blog.

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The Homebuyer Checklist- 5 Concepts for Homebuyers to Ponder

William Tierney, an associate in our Scituate, MA office and one of our tech superstar agents, discusses 5 key concepts for homebuyers to ponder.  Buying a home can be daunting process.  However, some of the key steps for homebuying preparation are more intuitive than you think.  We’ll let William take the floor and discuss some of the key steps in homebuying prep.  For more buying and selling tips, please visit William’s blog.

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10 Reasons Your Home Won't Sell

There are a few realities sellers must look at when listing their home. Number one- we are still in a buyer’s market.  Number two-today’s homebuyer is more discerning than ever.  Number three- a realtor can provide invaluable insight and negotiating skill to help you sell.   Even if you’ve got these three items covered, there could still be some vital errors you are making that just aren’t helping your home sell.  Check out  10 reasons why your home won’t sell from William Tierney, a sales associate in our Scituate, MA office.

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