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Who's On The Move This Holiday Season?

With the holiday season in full effect, people are on the move.  Whether going to see family or friends, Thanksgiving and Christmas are some of the busiest travel times of the year.  We are also seeing high levels of mobility in William Raveis’ Relocation division.  As you’ll read in this post, over the past 3 years we have experienced high levels of relocation activity in our foothold, the northeast.  And as the housing market continues to stabilize, the outlook for the relocation industry is positive.  This is good news for transferees! Continue reading

What's Changed in the Employee-Sponsored Relocation Industry?

It used to be in the relocation world, when an employee was asked to move, most “relocation” packages were pretty cookie cutter based on if an employee was a new hire, renter or homeowner.  If you were a homeowner chances were you would receive a guaranteed buyout(GBO) offer of your current home from your employer to get you moved to the new location.  Well, times have changed based on economic and housing market conditions.  But, what hasn’t changed is the need for employee mobility.  I recently read an article Continue reading

May 31, 2012

What's The Difference Between a Corporate Move vs. a Consumer Move?

There is not really any major difference.

But, read on because while the two terms essentially are the same at face value, there are differences in the actual home-buying and selling process for each type of move.

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March 1, 2012

4 Easy Tips For Relocation Transferees

Moving is tough.  Besides the obvious difficulty associated with carving out financing and lugging lots of stuff (for lack of a better phrase) from your old location to someplace new, there are the adjustment challenges.  From navigating the neighborhood, or finding the best route to work, pinpointing that one restaurant or spot that inspires family joy to making sure you’re a hop, skip and a jump away from a great grocery store, there’s a lot of getting-used-to involved.

Now imagine all those challenges…but you are the CEO of a company about to undergo relocation to somewhere in the northeast and all your employees must be housed, comfortably, of course.  There are myriad more details to be aware of in this scenario.  You are not just dealing with coordinating your own move and addressing your own housing preferences, but those of your hardworking employees.  Ah the stress…

Well, many of these CEOs temporarily put aside their superhero, save-the-day aspirations and look for help in these kinds of situations.  And that’s when I’ll receive a phone call that goes much like this-   “Kim, we have a group of transferees who are looking to go out the day after tomorrow, can you please help them in getting a jump start on finding a place that best suits their needs?”   As Relocation Director at William Raveis, I receive calls like this everyday.  In fact, U.S. domestic member mobility trends as a whole are seeing a noticeable bump up-47%, to be exact-in relocation activity, according to a 2010 Employee Relocation Council (ERC) Pulse Survey.  So, people like me need to be prepared when we receive calls!  Here are a few tools I recommend to incoming transferees:

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July 28, 2010