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The Pure House: A High Performance Home

The Pure House makes sense. Its purpose is to maximize comfort levels while minimizing or eliminating its energy footprint.

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Rain Barrel Benefits & Options

Collecting rain water for your home use can reduce your water bill, help your plants be healthier and is a feel good ecofriendly thing to do.  Rain water is collected from your roof and stored in a container, commonly referred to as a rain barrel.  Installing a system is relatively inexpensive, requires only a few steps and can add a decorative element to the outside of your home.

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March 12, 2013

How to Minimize Long-Term Cost When Shopping For Appliances

Purchasing a home signals the start of a new life and new…. bills.  Though we all love our homes and the memories we create in them, there are some parts of homeownership we’d all like to see less of.  Bills are certainly on the top of that list.  Receiving water, gas and electric bills often generate unwanted stress and anxiety.  However, continuing to fret is not the answer.  Do your homework, instead.  Wendy Martinenas, an associate in our Fairfield, CT office, writes about some simple solutions to achieve energy efficiency and reduce the costs of those pesky monthly bills, by thoroughly researching the types of appliances you purchase for the home.  Take a look at what she has to say below. Continue reading

September 4, 2012