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How Do You Create a Mobile Business?

The real estate business (and business as a whole) has changed- ALOT.  Looking specifically at real estate, one of the latest points of evolution is the increasing infiltration of mobile into a realtor’s daily routine.  From texting, to email, to social apps and calendars, a real estate agent can (dare I say it) almost safely pack his or her pc deep into a closet.  But, with the deluge of apps, social media and software updates an individual encounters everyday, it’s often tough to extract important information from all the noise.  Which begs the question, how does a realtor, or any kind of company focus on becoming a mobile business?  How can entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies alike, leverage mobile tools to gain the coveted title of “a successful mobile business?”  Well, here are some thoughts to get the ball rolling: Continue reading

Blog.raveis.com is Making Changes

With Memorial Day weekend upon us, some of you may not be as attentive to Social Juice and blog.raveis.com as you normally are!  So, I thought I would just make a few quick, but important announcements.  So before you go whooshing out, top-down from the office parking lot, take a quick read of the updates to our blog and facebook page below:

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May 27, 2011