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Selling Your Home in “The Offseason”

Here in New England as the temperatures drop, so goes the traffic of buyers. Or at least that is the traditional belief of many real estate professionals.  While it is true that buyer traffic does drop off in the cooler months, nobody has proved that transaction volume drops by similar numbers.  In my opinion it is a perception issue.  Qualified motivated buyers remain in the market year round.  Time and individual circumstances dictate this from a buyer point of view.  So the perception of less traffic makes one feel as if it is harder to sell in the offseason.  At the end of the day, it is easier for the listing agent and the seller to sell in the offseason since there are fewer tire kickers, or nosey neighbors in the market.  As a REALTOR, I would always prefer to deal with a handful of quality buyers than a plethora of buyers that are a mixed bag of indecision and motivation.

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