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The House That Social Media Built

The House That Social Media Built

Social Media Allows General Public to Flip a Shoreline Home

A realtor’s clever idea to better market a home for sale in Old Saybrook is allowing social media users to voice their opinions on what the house should look like – from paint colors to floor plans to tile choices.

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Better with Age

The atmosphere we might think of when we talk about wine cellars is underground, dark and damp. That’s because long ago the only way to keep wine cool enough was to store it underground away from heat or sunlight. Today wine storage has changed greatly.  Why spend money creating this beautiful space just to hide it in the basement.

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January 18, 2013

Powerful Social Marketing

At William Raveis Real Estate Mortgage and Insurance, we are a sales company that markets homes and provides all of the services involved with the real estate transaction.  Marketing a home needs an  aggressive campaign.

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January 14, 2013

How Do You Create a Mobile Business?

The real estate business (and business as a whole) has changed- ALOT.  Looking specifically at real estate, one of the latest points of evolution is the increasing infiltration of mobile into a realtor’s daily routine.  From texting, to email, to social apps and calendars, a real estate agent can (dare I say it) almost safely pack his or her pc deep into a closet.  But, with the deluge of apps, social media and software updates an individual encounters everyday, it’s often tough to extract important information from all the noise.  Which begs the question, how does a realtor, or any kind of company focus on becoming a mobile business?  How can entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies alike, leverage mobile tools to gain the coveted title of “a successful mobile business?”  Well, here are some thoughts to get the ball rolling: Continue reading

June 21, 2012

5 Awesome Time-Kill Apps

One of the main reasons we whip out our smartphones these days is to utilize apps.  Particularly in real estate, there are myriad apps that can help with productivity if you’re an agent and help you understand the market if you’re a consumer-Evernote, DocuSign, RECalc and USHUD are just a few examples.  But, let’s face it, all work and no play makes for a really boring day.  Those daily lulls while waiting for a client, for a meeting to start or to meet up with friends are stolen moments for smartphone users looking to rendezvous with their favorite time-kill apps.  Don’t look so perplexed-you know you’re guilty of it!  So what are some of the more entertaining apps out there that are as addicting as holiday sugar cookies?  In honor of the infamous “end of the year top 10s and 5s list” style, we decided to name our top 5 time-kill apps:

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December 21, 2011

Social Juice: Week 22

In this week’s Social Juice, read about Steve Jobs’ stepdown from CEO of Apple and check out some must-read email video marketing tips!  Read on for more!

Steve Jobs Steps Down

Steve Jobs, the man who has arguably had the greatest influence on the modern technology age, has stepped down as CEO of Apple.  Even if you didn’t grow up with Apple products in your home, Steve Jobs and his revolutionary ideas still influenced the way you thought about technology.  I read a fascinating PC Magazine article that talked about Apple’s early influence on other mainstream PCs and digital products in the mid 80s.  The author of the article, a passionate Atari fan, reflects on Apple’s significance in Atari Continue reading

August 26, 2011

Social Juice: Week 21

In this week’s Social Juice, learn about an awesome app to assist with your home remodeling, called Houzz and read about how to get more traffic to your blog-the eternal question!

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August 12, 2011

August 5, 2011

Social Juice: Week 19

This week on Social Juice, I’ll cover some big LinkedIn news, rumored features on the new MacBook Air and I will reflect on video chat’s importance in real estate.  Continue reading for more!

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July 15, 2011

Social Juice: Week 18

Welcome to Social Juice!  Our 18th installment, ready to go.  This week’s stories include the latest of the Facebook and Skype partnership,  an iPad rumor worth listening to and a tip to increase your fan (referral) base on facebook.  Read on, friends!

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July 8, 2011